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  Tom’s Facts about Tom !

Tom’s my name ! I have a validated License issued by the Medical Marijuana OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEnforcement Division of Colorado.To get this license I had to pass a background check by the FBI , have no arrest records, and pass inspection of ten years of Income Tax Returns. I am a Licensed key employee working as an executive grower for a Medical Marijuana Dispensary at the base of Pikes Peak in, Colorado,at an altitude of 6,000 feet. I am also a Licensed Medical Marijuana patient, enabling a home grow for myself and other medical marijuana patients.

I live in the colorful state of Colorado. In the year 2000 the voters of Colorado passed the Colorado Medical Marijuana Amendment (Article XVII, Section 14 of the Colorado Constitution) known as Amendment 20. Can you believe it ? We actually changed the Constitution of Colorado! That’s a big deal ! Then November 2012 the voters voted to pass ballot measures decriminalizing marijuana possession!  This means that now the recreational use and growing of marijuana is legal in Colorado.

For over 35 years I owned and operated a small retail nursery with a 10,000 sq ft retail greenhouse filled with tropical plants, along with being a retail florist. I have been the Executive Grower for a growing medical marijuana dispensary , in Colorado Springs. I have many years of experience with growing medical marijuana in a large setting ,such as a 20,000sq.ft. warehouse and small home grows.

My experience is not only with growing different varieties of plants, from cacti to tropical, to native, to nursery plants. I also have experience with setting up greenhouses from foundation up, setting up a large warehouse grow with over 60, 1000 watt lights, and setting up small home grows with two to five lights all different wattage.

Why am I Here ?   That has a very simple answer. I like to pass my knowledge on to folks that would like to learn. I have a very simple philosophy :

            Live and Learn and Pass It On !

I am more than happy to help you. Please feel free to ask me any questions. If I don’t know the answer I’ll do my best to find the answer. You may e-mail me at: tdf@growingorganicmarijuana.com

Update Jan 1 2017 

After living in the great state of Colorado for over 40 years I have decided to retire and move to a sunny beach and do some surf fishing. I gave up my Colorado growing licence and I am no longer in the industry. I am however still actively growing organic medical marijuana for my own medical problems and make RSO for local Cancer patients.