Germinate Marijuana From Seeds

Tom’s facts on marijuana seed growing !
  1. Introduction – Obtaining Seeds !

    Johnny Marijuana Seed
     Johnny Marijuana Seed
  2. Define – Germinate 
  3. Germinating in Soil !
  4. Germinating Seed Before Planting !
  5. Paper Towel Seed Germinating !
  6. Germinating Seeds In Water !
  7. Planting After Germination !
  8. Planting Medium Of Choice !
  9. Lighting The Seeds !
  10. Provide Ventilation For Seedlings !
  11. Lighting The Sprouts !
  12. Watering Seedlings And pH !
  13. When to Re-pot Seedlings !
  14. Male – Female Ratio !
  15. Conclusion !
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Introduction !

   Obtaining Seeds! Growing organic marijuana from seeds is very rewarding. Fact is,Marijuana Seeds germinating marijuana from seeds is very simple and easy. If you do not have a marijuana plant to clone, you have no choice but to germinate marijuana from seeds. I highly recommend you buy your seeds from seed banks found on the Internet. I have purchased seeds on-line from seed banks, as there are many good ones to choose from. I would never grow seeds unless I knew exactly where they came from. If you want to take a chance on a seed you found in a bag, I don’t recommend it. The reason is, you don’t know what pollinated the female. Most likely is was pollinated by a hermaphrodite. A hermaphrodite seed will usually produce a hermaphrodite plant. A hermaphrodite plant can pollinate an entire grow and you don’t want that to happen.

What Does Germinate Mean ?

   Germinate ? The definition of germinate is: to cause to sprout ! There are many ways to Sproutcause a seed to germinate.(sprout). To sprout, all a seed needs is constant moisture, in a warm, dark place.

  Germinating In Soil !

   Soil Germinating ! Man has planted seeds in soil since time began. Planting in soil is still a practical way to sprout seeds. “Mother Nature” plants seeds in the ground soil everyday.Marijuana Sprout Although you can sprout a seed in any soil, I recommend a soil mix with a lot of finely screened organic matter and vermiculite. I buy a commercial organic seed and cutting mix or make my own from 4 parts peat moss and 4 parts vermiculite and 1 part perlite. After you fill the container with the soil you are planning to grow in, plant the seed pointy side down about 1/2 inch deep. Water the soil being careful not to disturb the seed. If you are planting a lot of seeds at the same time, a seed tray is a good choice to sprout the seeds. If you are only sprouting a few seeds a 2 1/4 to a 2 1/2 inch pot is a good choice.  Only put one seed in each pot. If more than one seed sprouts in the same pot, their roots will intertwine and it will be impossible to separate them without damaging the plants. Next put your newly planted seed tray or pots on a heatMarijuana--Cannabis_sativa--s_s mat set at 80 degrees F under your grow lights. I put my seedlings under a T5, 8 bulb grow light. The heat from the mat will warm up the soil from below helping the seed to germinate. A plastic dome over the potted seeds will help keep the soil moist and from drying out so fast. After the seeds have sprouted remove the dome to keep the seedlings from overheating. You may begin to fertilize after sprouting but use fertilizer at 1/2 strength until your seedlings are well established and look like a real plant with at least 3 sets of leaves, not counting the first two leaves that appear. Th first two leaves that appear are rounded and they are called “cotyledon” leafs.

 Germinating Seeds Before Planting !

Most growers, including professionals, like to germinating-cannabis-seedsgerminate marijuana seeds before planting them. Why? They do this so they are not wasting their time planting seeds that won’t sprout. Looking at a pile of seeds it can be impossible to tell which ones are viable and which ones are not. Looking at the seeds, you will be able to tell that some are not good. A white wrinkled seed isn’t a good seed. Most all white seeds are immature seeds and will not germinate. All other shades of brown whether they are light brown, dark brown, spotted brown, solid brown and even tan can be viable sprout-able seeds. Just because a seed looks good, is no guarantee it will germinate. An old misnomer is if the seed sinks when put in water it is a good seed. This is not true. When seeds are in a container of water some float and some don’t. Unfortunately this means nothing. I have germinated seeds that sank and ones that have floated, making the floating test unreliable. This is why it’s a good idea to germinate the seeds before planting them. There are two reliable methods for doing this which I have done many times. One method is “The Paper Towel Method” the other “The Water Method”.

Paper Towel Seed Germinating !

   Paper Towel Method ! This method is very simple and easy. First Item needed is a hard Paper Towel Sproutingchina dinner plate or a tray of some sort to lay two layers of paper towels on. Lay two sheets of paper towels down on your plate and wet them till drenched. Place the seeds you want to germinate on the wet towel carefully, giving each seed its own space. Next place two more paper towels on top of the seeds and wet these towels. If you live in a dry climate like I do in Colorado you might want to put a solid cover over the seeds to help keep them moist and dark. Another plate turned upside down and put over the seed plate leaving an air space between the two works very well. Now you will want to put this plate of seeds in a dark warm area where they can’t be disturbed. I recommend you check your seeds twice a day, to make sure the paper towels are not drying out. If they are getting dry, re-wet them or spray them with water keeping the towels very moist. These seeds will germinateSprout (sprout) in 3 to 10 days. The average time to sprouting is 7 days. The sprouting seed will crack open and a small white root will begin to emerge. This white little sprout is the seeds tap-root and at this stage, it seems the seed has a tail. After the third day lift the top paper towels very carefully looking for sprouted seeds. If you find one or more immediately plant them into your medium of choice. Do this every day until all seeds have sprouted. I use a pair of tweezers to move my seeds from the paper towel to the planting medium. Be very careful not to disturb the tap-root.

Germinating Seeds In Water !

   The Water Method ! This is the easiest method of all and the method I now use Seeds Germinating In Waterexclusively. Items needed for this method is a small clear glass and water. Start with a clear glass of warm water an inch or two deep is plenty. Then put the seeds you want to germinate in that warm glass of water. Pay no attention to whether the seeds sink or float. Next put the glass of water and seeds in an out-of-the-way place that’s dark and warm, over 70 F.  Check the glass of seeds daily looking for any that have sprouted. Most seeds in the water will sprout within three days but some take longer. If the seeds haven’t sprouted after seven days they may not be viable.  I have only run into one variety that would never sprout, but that variety wouldn’t sprout with any method I tried. I finally gave up on that strain. As soon as you see that the seed has cracked open with a tail of a tap-root showing, plant immediately in the medium of your choice. To retrieve the seed from the water and transport it to the growing medium, I pour the water and seeds on a paper towel and pick up the seed with tweezers and carefully place it in the growing medium.

Planting After Germinating The Seed !                                                                                                                                                                                          Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Planting  After Germination ! As soon as you see the white tap-root emerging from the seed, it’s time to plant it. Transporting the seed with a pair of tweezers is the easiest method of moving and placing the seed where you want. Plant the seed tap-root down being very careful not to damage the tap-root. Plant the seed in the medium of your choice.

Planting Medium Of Choice !

   Medium Of Choice ! I keep saying medium of choice because one is just as good asrapid rooter cube another. None of the mediums stand out as the best. Plant in what is most comfortable for you or whatever you have on hand. However do not plant in a medium rich in nutrients as the nutrients may burn tender young emerging plants. Your medium of choice should be neutral of nutrients. You may begin fertilizing after three sets of leafs emerge with 1/2 strength of an organic fertilizer. The most common mediums of choice are , “soil”, a “seed and cutting mix”, “coco coir”, “jiffy pellets”, “rock wool cubes” and my favorite “sphagnum cubes”. Always plant the seed pointy side or tap-root down between 3/8 and 1/2 inch deep into the medium.

   Lighting The Seeds !

Lighting the Seeds ! The seeds are now planted and it’s time to put them on a heat mat under grow lights. The heat mat isn’t necessary but supplyingTray & Heat Mat heat from the bottom helps with faster germination and root development. I use and recommend using a heat mat for seed sprouting and for rooting clones. Since the seeds haven’t sprouted yet you can put them under any grow light that doesn’t heat up the top of the soil over 87 F. If is too hot to hold your hand there, it will be to hot for the seedlings when they emerge. The seedlings will emerge under your brightest grow lights as long as the heat is controlled. You should see the first sprouts within 2 to 3 days. I sprout my seeds under an eight bulb T-5 grow light on a heat mat. You are vegetating, so the grow lights should be on for 18 hours and off for 6 hours.

Provide Ventilation For Seedlings !

   Provide Ventilation ! It is important to provide ventilation, fresh air, and slight air movement throughout the sprouting process, especially in humid climates. A slight breeze helps to prevent fungus, and strengthens the plants stem. This can be accomplished by using a small oscillating fan placed a distance away from the seedlings.

Lighting The Seed Sprouts !

   Lighting The Sprouts !  Don’t skimp on the grow lights at this stage. After three sets of  leaves appear make sure the sprouts are under your t5 lightbrightest grow lights. The bright lights keep you seedling compact with a strong stem. If the light isn’t bright enough, the seedlings stem stretches tall reaching for more light. The stem becomes thin and weak. Thats when the seedling falls over. All may not be lost at this point if the seedling can be re-potted deeper in a pot with soil high enough up the stem to sturdy the plant. The stem or trunk of a growing organic marijuana plant can be planted as deep as you want. If you take a tall weak stemmed plant and plant the stem deeper, the entire stem that was planted under the soil will produce roots the length of it and make the plant strong and sturdy. This can be done with any size of growing organic marijuana.

Watering The Seedlings and pH !

ph meter
Click for PH Meter

  Watering Seedlings and pH ! You should always know the PH of the water you are  using. Your seedlings want a PH between 6 and 7. If the PH is out of this range your seedlings will do poorly. Keep your seedling moist but not wet. At this stage of their life they can be over watered easily. Water using slightly warm water as cold water can shock them. Begin fertilizing after the third set of leavs emerge, but only at 1/2 strength or not at all. If your new plants are looking healthy you may not have to fertilize until re-potting.

When To Re-pot Seedlings !

   When To Re-Pot ? If you planted the seeds in a 1 1/2 inch sphagnum cube or something of similar size, your plants will be ready to be re-potted by the third to fifth setTime To Repot of leaves. You may at this time re-pot in the pot your growing organic marijuana will finish flowering in, if you planted feminized seeds. I however, suggest re-potting into a 6″ pot always when re-potting from any pot smaller than 4″. Your marijuana plant will be able to show its sex growing in the 6 inch pot by the time it is 12 inches tall. At this point you can dispose of the male plants. Waiting to re-pot into a larger pot will save you a lot of time,energy and soil that would have been spent on male plants.

Male – Female Ratio !

  50% Males ! Seeds can be very expensive especially if you buy them for every grow you do. Not all seeds will germinate. Unless you spend the extra money to buy feminized seeds, 50% of germinated seeds will turn out to be males. This means a lot of wasted time and money. Seeds take more time to grow than clones, causing you to more electricity and fertilizer.

Conclusion !

   No Mother Plant ? If you are not growing organic marijuana at this juncture, and you want to, you may have no choice but to germinate marijuana from seeds. It’s not a scary undertaking and you will find that growing organic marijuana from seed is a very rewarding and fun challenge. Go to Page : What Other Growers Fail To Tell You About Seeds!

Author : Tom D.

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