Growing Organic Marijuana Is Fun – Benefits To Marijuana

  Tom’s facts on why it’s fun, why it benefits you.100% organic symbol

  1. Introduction – Growing Is Fun !
  2. What Makes It Fun?
  3. Benefits To Marijuana !
  4. Physical Benefits !
  5.  Psychological Benefits ! 
  6. Spiritual Benefits !

 Growing Organic Marijuana Is Fun !

Fun ? Everybody has their own idea of what fun is, andFlowering organic Marijuana sometimes we don’t know if something is fun or not, until we try it. Jumping off a 1,000 foot bridge with a bungee cord attached to your ankle may not sound like fun. But have you tried it? You may find out it is fun. Truth is, it would scare the begeebees out of me, but I really think it would be fun. Well, there is nothing about growing organic marijuana that is scary, so you can have a lot have fun growing it. This is only one of the benefits to marijuana growing.

   What Makes It Fun ? 

Watching a hard, brown, round, object, you know, a seed that you have germinated, crack open and extend a little tail of a tap-root is amazing and funSprout. Watching that plant unfurl its stem and then its leaves, is exciting and fun. Taking care of that little plant and watching it grow into a large healthy adult is remarkable and fun. Then when you want, take that plant, that you started from a tiny little seed, and flower it. Watching your plant create flowers that keep getting larger as time passes is huge fun. Watching the trichomes form and the pistols turn colors is excellent fun. Taking a clone from a plant and rooting it knowing that you are responsible for keeping that plants genetics living for future generations is sensational fun. Watching your clone grow up and flower and produce a product that will help medical marijuana patients, is tremendous fun. Making your own organic soil, fromclones-in-rockwool your own compost,and getting your hands in that soil, feeling it, and smelling that nutrient rich soil, is terrific fun. Taking a small plant and re-potting it, getting dirt under your fingernails is wonderful fun. Trimming the marijuana plant so it will grow the way you want it to, is fun. Figuring out and setting up a room to grow in, is enormous fun. Even finding solutions to problems that may arise is unusual fun. Growing organically, knowing that you are helping to protect the environment, is absolutely fun. If you love nature, love dirt,love planting, and love watching things grow you will find growing organic marijuana a fun, exciting, and remarkable experience.

  Benefits To Marijuana For You ?

   Good For Anybody and Everybody !  All marijuana is medicinal ! Yes, all marijuana is medical marijuana, grown organically or not. But organic marijuana is healthier for you, which is why we grow organically. Marijuana use can have physical, psychological and spiritual benefits.

   Physical Benefits !

The physical benefits of marijuana are widespread , far-reaching1056830-Sketched-Brain-Character-Doing-A-Cartwheel-Poster-Art-Print and long-term. Because marijuana affects the Autonomic Nervous System and relaxes the body its potential for health and healing are enormous. Marijuana’s effect on the Autonomic Nervous System enhances both sides of the brain. The left brains perception is heightened, while, at the same time, the right brains reception is enhanced. This is a physiological fact ! This is why marijuana makes you feel both relaxed and alert at the same time. This is the reason you have the experience of being “stoned.” As the body becomes more harmonious with marijuana, the functioning of our five senses are noticeably improved. This explains the “high” experience marijuana gives you.

   Marijuana Benefits Patients With:      Aids      Alcoholism      Alzheimer’s               royalty-free-sick-clipart-illustration-1043953Anorexia      Arthritis      Autism      Brain Tumors      Cachexia      Cancer      Chronic Pain      Crones Disease      Depression      Diabetes      Fibromyalgia      Glaucoma      High Blood Pressure      Liver Fibrosis      Mad Cow Disease      Migraines      Multiple Sclerosis      Nausea      Post Traumatic Stress Disorder      Seizures      Tourette’s Syndrome       This is not a complete list, but it does scratch the surface !  

   Costa Rica Study ! In a Costa Rica study, it was found that chronic marijuana smokers who also smoked cigarettes were less likely to develop cancer than cigarette smokers who didn’t use marijuana.

   Psychological Benefits !

marijuana’s balancing effect on the Autonomicbody-building- Nervous System has an effect on the mind that is both energizing and relaxing simultaneously. In other words, we think more clearly and efficiently. What makes marijuana beneficial is its ability to arouse these states of well-being. Marijuana results in an ” altered state of consciousness” making one feel better, happier, calmer, more tolerant and more compassionate. marijuana’s ability to give you feelings of health and happiness naturally lead to hope, which of itself can be curative.

   Spiritual Benefits !

To ascent the ladder of consciousness, human beings need as 824-31275much help as they can get. Deep within each of us there is an essential need for a higher meaning of life that waits to be awakened. Marijuana has the ability to unlock this yearning and give us a glimpse of a deeper reality. Gaining higher values of compassion, coöperation and consideration is a benefit of the balance that marijuana gives you. Marijuana’s contribution to the developing spirit is cumulative. As Marijuana reduces bodily tensions, and relaxes mental fears, it clears a way to greater insight and consciousness. Go to Page :  Organic  Definition -What is Growing Organic Marijuana ?

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4 thoughts on “Growing Organic Marijuana Is Fun – Benefits To Marijuana

  1. Very nice work! I loved reading about the benefits of marijuana, especially as a medicine for many illnesses. I’d like to add anxiety to your list. It helps a lot. Hopefully soon it will be legal, as people need to realize it is healthier for us than any cigarettes or alcohol and those are legal.

  2. Seriously, Are you kidding me? How big is the plant? Whats’s the temperature day & night? What’s in the growing medium? How much air is changed hourly? How much air circulation is there? How many plants in the room? How big of pot? What’s the humidity? Every day a plant will use a different amount of water.

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