Growing Marijuana Indoors

Tom’s Facts On Growing Marijuana Indoors !large Organic Marijuana Plant in Flower
  1. Introduction – Why Grow Indoors ?
  2. How Many Plants To grow ?
  3. Perpetual Grow ?
  4. Timing Your Crop !
  5. Growing One or Two ?

   Why Grow Indoors?

With more and more states going the way Colorado did making medical Organic Medical Marijuana 3 weeks into flower.marijuana legal and then legalizing recreational marijuana more and more folks are growing their own weed. Most people are growing marijuana indoors for these reasons: security, totally controlled environment, insect control, and because anybody can do it. All very good reasons. Even if you have never had any experience with growing organic marijuana in your home, you can have a successful grow and harvest. If you follow this guide you will do just fine.

How many plants to grow?

This is the first question to ask yourself. Are you just looking to grow(finish out flowering) just one or two, or do you want to grow  a dozen or more? Now before you answer that question there’s another question you might wantIndoor Grow to ask. How much medical marijuana do I want when I harvest? Do you want just an once or two or do you need more? This is where everybody will argue, and argue, and argue, and argue !!!! There are so many reasons to factor in when you ask: How much weight per plant will I have at harvest, after drying and curing? Let the arguments begin! Guess what? Everybody is right no matter what they said from a quarter of an ounce to a couple of pounds. Like I said it all depends on too many factors to list. I have found from experience, after growing organic marijuana for many years and thousands of plants, whether in a large warehouse grow or in a small home grow never count on more than two ounces per plant when you are growing marijuana indoors to prevent disappointment. You will grow more than that most of the time, just don’t count on more.

Perpetual Grow ?

Next question is do you want a perpetual grow, or are you going from vegetating to flowering all in the same space? The difference is, for a perpetual grow, you’ll need two separate grow rooms. If you need a constant supply of medical Cannabis Sativamarijuana then you want a perpetual grow. I grow medical marijuana utilizing the perpetual growing method. I am a Care Giver in Colorado, meaning I grow legally for other medical patients that can’t grow for themselves . I also use this method in a large warehouse that grows medical marijuana for a dispensary. When growing organic marijuana in a perpetual grow, timing is everything.

Timing Your Crop !

What do I mean timing is everything ? Because you have total control of your lighting ,you have total control of your plants sun so to speak. You decide when the sun rises and when the sun sets. You accomplish this by when you turn your lights on and off. Timing is crucial no matter how many plants you are growing. Please see page: Vegetating Marijuana – Timing the crop    

Growing One or Two? 

If you are growing organic marijuana, but just want a few, a closet, a grow box or grow tent would be a good choice. Keep in mind that available electricity is the main consideration whenCannabis Setiva growing marijuana indoors. I think a grow box or tent is the way to go for a few plants. Everything you need is provided except the medical marijuana plant. You can always build your own grow box. A lot of folks do, but on the other hand the commercial grow box or grow tent is so very convenient. Grow Plants Indoors!

Author : Tom D.

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  1. I have enough lights to grow around 40 or 50 plants, but im not wanting to grow quite that much. I have all the ambition to get started just don’t know where. I have grown outdoors for bout 5 yrs now and it has become a hassle. I know I can grow better medicine indoors. Like I said I just need a lil advice on how to get started. Ive got everything I need to start with just need a lil know how

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