LED Grow Lights by Growblu – Apollo – UFO

Led grow lights are the best choice for growing organic marijuana in hot climates and enclosed grow areas where heat is a problem.

Other Reasons LEDs’ are a Good Choice !

  1. variety of light range options available,
  2.  very high energy efficiency, resulting in lower electricity bills,
  3. no mercury in bulbs,
  4. long bulb length-of-life (less expensive over the long-term, and ideal for fixtures which are difficult to reach to replace bulbs)

Energy Efficient Grow Lights by Growblu!

Growblu is a quality distributor of Apollo grow lights and other related products. We ensure that our products are of the highest quality before they are ever sold to customers. Customers will find that our Apollo LED grow lights last for years without showing any signs of wear. Whether you need a micro grow light to use in a large greenhouse, or an Apollo LED grow light to use for any other growing purpose, we have a solution for every budding gardener. Our LED grow lights have a built in IDS system, which alerts our customers if the mechanisms become damaged. This gives you full control over your plants and gardening techniques, and it is a great way to get the most out of your LED lights. Growing organic marijuana using grow lights by Growblu is a wise choice.

Why Choose Apollo Lighting Products?

Our Apollo grow light products are extremely energy efficient. They use two lenses, and they have a secondary magnifying lens to increase the overall power. The technology that we integrate into our premium products is phenomenal. Customers will be hard pressed to find such premium lighting products for the same affordable prices that we offer at Growblu anywhere else on the web. From Apollo LED lights to super UFO lights, full spectrum lighting designs, phantom lights, and more, we offer everything that gardeners will need to make their vegetation thrive.

Some of Our Most Popular Apollo Lighting Products

  • 75x3W Super UFO
  • 60x3w Apollo Led Grow Light
  • 48x3W Super UFO with Red LED
  • 96x3W VEG Light
  • 60x3W Remote Control Phantom
  • 240x3W Full Spectrum Light
  • 144w Super UFO $249.97

    144w Super UFO

  • 225w Super UFO $349.97

    225w Super UFO

  • 96x3W VEG Spectrum  $ 449.97

    96x3W VEG Spectrum

  • 120x3W Full Spectrum $ 449.97

    120x3W Full Spectrum

  • 180x3W Full Spectrum  $ 699.97

    180x3W Full Spectrum

  • 240x3W Full Spectrum $ 899.97

    240x3W Full Spectrum