Make Your Own Base Soil

Grow Your Own Organic Base Soil !

Grow ? I use the term grow because that is exactly what we do when we make organic soil. To have a good organic base soil we have to grow a diverse compost-binpopulation of microbial life. There are two ways to accomplish this. One is to make your own compost. But you don’t have to make your own compost to make your own base soil. There are good commercial compost that already formulated for you. You may buy these at your local Garden Center. However growing organic marijuana with organic compost that you created yourself will reward you with a very flavorful crop.

Compost !   Compost is going to make up no less than a third (33.33%) of your basecompost soil. This is where the population of microbial life is born. This biological process driven by microorganisms such as mycorrhiza, allows the natural production of nutrients in the soil. There are many varieties of bacteria and fungi that live and grow and thrive in this organic compost. They break down chemicals and plant matter and animal waste into productive soil nutrients that become water-soluble, which makes them available for plant use.

The Base of the Base !

Add To The Above, For 1 1/2 cubic feet or 10 gallons of soil !

Mix ! Mix all the above ingredients together, put in a container and moisten well.  Put a lid on the container with the moist soil inside. Then place the container outside in theCompost sun. This soil should bake (compost) for no less than 30 days. After 30 days this soil is ready to use right away. You may use this to plant any size marijuana plant but it is not recommended for germinating seed.  This mix is a very good base for the super soil. This mix is not super soil. It is a base for super soil, and when made into super soil it will need to bake again.(compost)  This is a good organic mix to make your own base soil, so you can begin growing organic marijuana. 

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    Author : Tom D.

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