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  1. Introduction – Understanding Genetics !
  2. Strains Of Marijuana !
  3. What Is Cloning ?
  4. Why Clone Marijuana ?
  5. Why Grow marijuana From Seed ?
  6. Seeds What Nobody Tells You !
  7. Conclusion !

Genetics of Marijuana !

DNA StrandThe genetics of marijuana is the most important factor in marijuana clones or seeds. No matter what methods you use growing organic marijuana, if your marijuana clones or seeds don’t have good genetics, you can’t produce a potent crop. Genetics is the science of heredity and the variation of inherited traits. Genes determine the genetics of a plant or seed. So what are genes? Genes are working sub-units of DNA which is a vast chemical information database that caries the complete set of instructions for making plant cells. In short, genes hold all the information to build and maintain a plants cells and pass these genetic traits to offspring. Genetics is the main factor on how good your final crop will be. As you can see knowing your marijuana genetics is very important. How do you  decide what genetics your plants will have? This first starts with the strain or type of marijuana plant you begin with and then which variety of that strain.

Strains of Marijuana ! 

There are three main strains of marijuana: sativa, indica, andDNA ruderalis. We are not concerned with pure ruderalis’s strains as they produce very little if any THC. Hybrids of ruderalis are auto-flowering marijuana strains. These hybrids are not very potent because of their genetics and not worth your time growing. I say this from my experience with growing them. I was always disappointed with the results of yield and potency. Hybrids of sativa and indica are created by crossbreeding the two. This hybrid of sativa and indica can be considered as another strain.

Indica Marijuana ! Indica strains all have the same characteristics. Indicas have the tendency to Indica Leaf produce shorter, stockier, and bushier plants. Their leaves are usually larger with wider and more rounded fingers of the individual leafs. Indica’s potency tends to primarily affect the physical body giving what is referred to as a body high. Indicas potency is a more relaxing high that reduces anxiety, pain, and nausea. Indicas potency also helps in inducing sleep, reducing muscle spasms and tremors and stimulates ones appetite. Indicas are sometimes refered to as couch lock marijuana because of their relaxing tendencies making one sleepy.  The fact that indicas reduce nausea and pain and helps to increase ones appetite is the main reason it is a good choice for cancer patients on chemotherapy.

Sativa Marijuana ! All strains of sativas will have the same basic characteristics. Sativa LeafSativas produce taller thinner plants with smaller, thinner finger like individual leaves. Because sativas grow taller you will want to pay special attention to their genetics. Most sativas are fine for indoor growing with proper trimming and training. The trick is to put them into flower knowing that in the first two weeks in flower, they will grow another two feet. Sativas potency is a stimulating high that primarily affects the mind. Sativas are refered to as a head high or a cerebral high. Sativas potency along with being stimulating is also energizing. Sativas are known to reduce depression, ease migraine headaches and pain along with stimulating an appetite and reducing nausea. Sativas are also a good choice for cancer patients on chemotherapy.

Hybrids, The Best Of Two Worlds ! Marijuana breeders have acquired the best Hybrid sativa and cross pollinated them with the best indicas and vise versa. They have done this thousands of times and have come up with excellent hybrid strains. The strains that have been created carry the best traits of both indica and sativa.

What Is Cloning ?

Cloning, What Is That? The reason to clone lies in understanding what cloning is.clones-in-rockwool Cloning is taking a group of genetically identical cells asexually produced by a single cell, or an individual grown from a single cell. Another words, a group of replicas of all or part of a macromolecule and DNA. Another way to put it: A clone is a plant that is grown from one cell or a group of cells of its parent and that has exactly the same genes as its parent. Simply put: A clone is a cutting from a plant, which can be rooted in different ways.

Why Clone Marijuana ?

Why Clone? The definition of clone is why we clone. The main reason for cloning is, you will be creating an exact duplicate of the mother plant. Your cloned plant will have the identical genetics as the plant you cut it from, so you know exactly what you are getting. Cloning has other advantages too. There will be no guessing what gender your clone will be. Clones also start out further developed than a seed.  Starting with aClone clone instead of a seed will save you about two months time because of this head start on growth and not having to wait to sex your plants. Clones are less expensive in the long run because you don’t have to buy seeds. If you have a mother plant you can take many more cuttings (clones) at the same time assuring success. you don’t have to keep a mother plant if you use the cutting from your vegetating plants and turn them into clones. If you top your plants you can clone that top. If you are cutting off lower branches you can clone those. In short, cloning will save you time and money and you know exactly what you are getting. Cloning a good producing, potent plant is always my first choice over starting from seed.

Why Grow Marijuana From Seed !

Seeds, Why?  Seeds are a good way for many people to start out with because Marijuana Seedsthey can easily be obtained from the internet from an established seed bank and delivered to your front door discretely. Buying from a seed bank will just about guarantee how your plants will turn out. You will know what to expect in terms of yield, potency, quality, flowering time, and what size your plants will end up being. Buying feminized seeds will save you a lot of time because you will not have to wait and see what sex they are. Time saved could be as much as a month or more.

Seeds, Why Not?  Seeds can be very expensive especially if you buy them for every Marijuana Seedsgrow you do. Not all seeds will germinate. Unless you spend the extra money to buy feminized seeds, 50% of germinated seeds will turn out to be males. This means a lot of wasted time and money. Seeds take more time to grow than clones, causing you to use more electricity and fertilizer.

Seeds What Nobody Tells You !

What Other Growers Fail To Tell You About Seeds ! Genotypes” and “phenotypes”. Seeds from the same parent plants all share the same genotype”  “Genotype” is an organism’s full hereditary information. “Phenotype” is an organism’s actual observed properties such as morphology, development, or behavior. Seeds are like human children. Although, children come from the same parents and share theCannabis Marijuana Female Plant same genes and DNA they are only similar. They look different, (similar but different) they develop differently and behave differently. A child may look and act like their father and another child may look and act like their mother. Each child is a phenotype of the mother, father pairing. Seeds are the same way. Some seeds will have more traits of the mother plant while other seeds will have more traits of the male plant. How can you tell the difference and pick which one you want. That’s the trouble, you can’t tell. There is no way to tell which seed will produce the best traits of the pairing. There is absolutely no way to tell which phenotype is best. You will know what phenotype is best, once you flower and harvest them, and see which one performs best with, yield, quality,and potency. If you only kept one phenotype for a mother, lets hope you picked the right one. If you didn’t pick the better phenotype , you have to start over again at square one. This has happened to me more times than I want to admit. Did you ever wonder why your friends blueberry plants yield more and is more potent than yours, even though you both grow using the same methods. Well, he’s not a better grower than you, and no, you didn’t do anything wrong. The reason is simple. He just has a better phenotype than you do.     Sativa SeedlingEver wonder why one dispensary’s blueberry is better than another’s. It’s not the growing methods that make the big difference. (although it can make a difference) It’s all in the genetics and phenotypes ! If you plan on growing five or more plants from seed I would always spend the extra money on feminized seeds. Knowing that all the seeds will produce female plants will save you the cost in soil, germinating, and planting of the half that are males. Just raising all females will save a lot of time, a month or more. I would say, buying feminized seeds is well worth the price.

Conclusion !

Your Choice ! Clones are an exact replica of the plant they were cut from. Seeds have the same genes and DNA of the mother and the father but what parent will that seed resemble the most? When growing organic marijuana you need to make a choice. Will it be marijuana clones or seeds? I recommend you do both.


Author : Tom D.

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