Marijuana Flowering Stage

Tom’s Facts On The Marijuana Flowering Stage!

  1. Introduction –  Before Flowering Begins !Big Marijuana Bud
  2. Height of The Plant Before Flowering Is Critical !
  3. Lighting Schedule For Flowering !
  4. Keeping The Room Light Tight !
  5. Fertilize During Flowering ?
  6. Temperature For Flowering !
  7. Humidity For Flowering !
  8. Trimming For Big Buds !
  9. The Last Two Weeks Of Flowering !
  10. Waiting To Harvest !

Introduction !

Before Flowering Begins ! Before you begin the marijuana flowering stage with your Flowering Marijuana 2 Weeks In growing organic marijuana there are a few things you should do. You will want to inspect your plants for any powdery mildew and you also want to inspect your plants extremely well for insects. The very last thing you ever want to do, is treating your flowering plants for powdery mildew or insects. Make sure all plants are free of any of these problems before going into flowering. If you find a problem take care of it before flowering. The other important factor is making sure your plants are not too tall for your marijuana flowering stage. If they prove to be too tall you will need to do something to remedy the situation, such as cutting back the plant or super – cropping. If your plants are ready for flowering, it is too late to FIM the plants.

Height Is The Most Critical Factor !

The most critical consideration for the marijuana flowering stage is the height of your plants. How much vertical space is needed for flowering? How tall are your ceilings? With your grow lights at their highest position, what is the distance between the light and the Young Marijuana Plant With Peony Cagefloor? How much distance must you keep between the top of your plants and the grow lights so the plants don’t get heat burn? These distances are extremely important in figuring how tall your plants can be before going into flower.

Measuring Your Distances ! If your ceiling is 8 feet tall and the  light fixture and bulb is another foot below the ceiling, you have 7 feet from the floor to the bottom of the grow light. Now you must also subtract the distance you need to keep your plant away from the light to prevent heat burn. Lets say we must keep our plants  2 feet away from the light to prevent burning. Subtracting 2 feet from 7 feet, leaves us with a height of 5 feet. 5 feet tall is the tallest our flowering plants can grow without burning the plant. Now we must allow space for the plant to growth in the flowering stage. The big question is how much will the plant grow when we put it into flower so when it is done growing it will only be 5 foot tall. 

Marijuana when put into flower will , what many growers call stretch. What the plantsFlowering Organic Marijuana are really doing, is growing at an alarming rate with a little stretching between the nodes. This growth spurt(stretch) takes place during the first two weeks of flowering with very little upward growth after that. It has been my experience that hybrids will grow 18 to 24 inches during this two-week growth spurt. Indicas will grow a little less and sativas will grow a little more. When you take this growth spurt into consideration you must subtract another 2 feet from the maximum allowable height of your plant. 2 feet subtracted from 5 feet equals 3 feet. Three feet is how tall your plant should be (measuring from the floor)when putting the plant into flower. If your pot is 1 foot tall than your plant is really only 2 feet tall out of the pot. These measurements are extremely important when putting plants into flower so they don’t grow too tall and into the lights.

Growing indoors requires us to keep our plants relatively short. It is because of this we want to incorporate some different training methods in the vegetating stage so we can get the most yield possible from a short plant. The method or methods we may want to implement during the vegetating stage include, topping, cutting back, fimming, super-cropping and LST(if we want them real short).  Go To Page : How To FIM ; Page : Super Cropping Marijuana ; Page : How To LST

Lighting Schedule !Flowering organic Marijuana

   12/12 Now you are done training your medical marijuana plants and they are at just the right height to flower. You have already allowed for the big stretch(actually a fast growth spurt) that’s going to occur in the first two weeks of your marijuana flowering stage. Now is when you change your lights schedule to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. If you are growing organic marijuana using the perpetual method, this is when you move your group of plants into your flowering room. Go To Page : Grow Lights for Marijuana !

Light Tight Flowering Room !

  We Want Black To Be Black ! During the 12 hours of lights off, your growing organicblack marijuana plants want complete darkness with no interruptions of that darkness. Your flowering space should be void of all light leaks. Why you ask ? Although nobody has proven or been able to show any scientific proof, most growers agree that light leaks are detrimental to your flowering plants. The harm would show up in the form of hermaphrodites. The last thing you want is some male flowers coming from your female plants. The risk is the accidental pollination of your flowers and that means seed production.

Do You Need To Fertilize During Flowering ?

Fertilize? Almost all of your work is compleat at this point depending on your method ofa bottle of fertilizer growing. If you made your own organic super-soil and mixed it with enough nutrients you now may relax some, and just keep up on your watering. Now, if you didn’t make your own organic super-soil you will need to fertilize. You may need to use a liquid commercial organic fertilizer or if you prefer you can make your own organic teas, but whatever you do keep up with the fertilizing. During the marijuana flowering stage your plants are demanding twice as much phosphoric acid as nitrogen. If you are using a commercial liquid organic fertilizer make sure it is for plants that are in flower. You don’t want to use a vegetating fertilizer on flowering plants because it is too high in nitrogen and can burn your plants. Go to Page: Organic Nutrients & Marijuana !

Temperature For Flowering Marijuana !

Marijuana’s Room Temperature This is critical in the marijuana flowering stage!    Preferred Temperature! Growing organic marijuana does best between 70 and 80 degrees. I have found that temperature is critical to marijuana in the flowering stage of their life. Temperatures above 80 degrees will cause your plants flowers to elongate, your buds will be less dense and your harvested weight will be low. Potency of your organic medical marijuana will, however remain the same.

   Night time temperature? Because we want to emulate the outdoors, we would also like our organic medical marijuana to have a cooler nighttime temperature. This can happen Flowering Cannabisnaturally if you have proper ventilation, but you might want to cool your space even more to bring out the natural colors that happen in the later stages of flowering. A temperature swing of no more than 20 degrees is preferable. Organic medical marijuana can survive temperatures as low as freezing with little damage for a short time. The perfect night-time temperature for growing medical marijuana that in flower is between 60 and 65 degrees. Go to Page: Marijuana & Temperature !

Humidity During Flowering !

Humidity! When growing organic marijuana humidity is best when it is no higher than 70% with good air movement. 40% to 50% humidity is the perfect range, however it is not critical for growing organic Flowering Flav marijuana medical marijuana. If your humidity is out of this range it’s really not a problem if you take a few precautions. Humidity lower than 45% is not a problem for growing marijuana. I have grown organic marijuana in a low humidity environment for a few years now, usually around 30% and have not had any problems.  High humidity will need fresh air and a lot of air movement. ( oscillating fans work well) This is important to prevent fungus and powdery mildew from growing on your organic medical marijuana. Just because your climate is dry  with low humidity does not mean your plants are not susceptible to powdery mildew. All growing spaces need good air movement and ventilation. Go to page : Marijuana & Humidity !

Trimming In The Flowering Stage !

Trim For Big Buds ! Are you growing organic marijuana to grow big flowers or little flowers? If you want larger buds with less trimming in the end then you will need to trim

Organic Medical Marijuana 3 weeks into flower. your flowering marijuana. When your plants are two weeks into flowering you will want to trim them from the bottom up. You want to trim all small branches off at this time, if you have not done so already. Some folks trim the small branches off just when the plant is going into the flowering room and that is also a good time to trim. Next you will want to trim off most of the secondary branches from the main branches.. Starting at the trunk of the plant, trim the secondary branches off the main branch until you only have (your preference) 3 to 5 bud sites left at the end of the branch. Do not cut the leaves off where the secondary branches emerge. Only cut the secondary branches off, not the leaves. Do this starting at the bottom of the plant and trim only about a third of the way up the plant. The next third of the plant you will Flowering organic marijuana want to trim from the trunk again the secondary branches off about a third of the way up the branch. The top third of the plant should be trimmed the same way only going 25% or less up the branch. If your medical marijuana plant was cut back in the vegetating stage you may have multiple trunks or multiple large branches. Treat these multiple trunks and branches as they were their own separate marijuana plant. What you want to do is cut off all buds at this time that you think will never grow very large. I recommend that every flower that will not grow to the size of an US nickel (3/4 of an inch)or(2 cm) be cut off of the plant. This enables the remaining flower buds to grow larger. Every small flower takes some of the plants resources  that could be used to make the remaining flowers larger. When you trim off the small buds at two weeks into flowering, the remaining flowers will have more of the plants resources available to them and therefore grow larger. I tell you this from experience. I have trimmed many (over 100) different varieties this way and I have never been disappointed with the results.

The Last Two Weeks Of Flowering !

During the last two weeks of flowering is when the flower buds will gain their most weight. This is when they will thicken up becoming  much denser and much heavier. Knowing how long the flowering stage lasts for the variety you are growing is very important so you Flowering Organic Marijuana Staked know when these two weeks are. At the beginning of these last two weeks is when you may need to provide extra support for these heavy flower buds if you have not already done so. I use peony cages(similar to tomato cages but wider and shorter)on my plants, beginning in the vegetating stage when the plants are still relatively small. I still have to use bamboo stakes for the last two weeks of flowering to hold up the heavy flower buds. If these flower buds do not receive this extra support they may bend so far over as to break the plants stem. I have seen this happen many times. I have seen plants split the main stem in half from the weight of the flower buds. Most of the time these splits can be repaired with splints and gardeners tape. Usually these plants will still finish just fine, but it is something you would rather not have to do, as some breaks are not repairable.

Waiting For The Time To Harvest !

   Wait for the Finish! The marijuana flowering stage will finish in Top cola of organic medical marijuana plantabout 8 weeks. Some of the growing organic marijuana plants take as long as 12 weeks. It all depends on the variety of medical marijuana you are growing, as all have different flowering lengths. I would never waste my time and effort, and you shouldn’t either on an unknown seed or plant. Know what you are growing so you know the characteristics of the marijuana plant and how long it should flower. Now sit back and wait for the milky or amber trichomes, what ever your preference is.

Go To Page: How & When To Harvest Marijuana !

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