Marijuana Grow Room Setup

  Tom’s Marijuana Grow Room Setup !

Introduction – What You Must Have !

 Growing organic marijuana will require the following :

    1. Electricity  = close by
    2. Timers – For lights.
    3. Ventilation   One air intake.  Two air exhausts.( one to vent room, one to vent air conditioner)
    4. Air Circulation – Needed for constant air movement !
    5. Air Conditioner – Needed for flowering room and maybe veg. room.
    6. Lighting – Grow lights of your choice.
    7. Water = close by
    8. Sulfur = Why now ?

Deciding on a Room to Grow In !

   Deciding what room to use ! No matter what room in your house you decide to set up your organic grow, no matter how small or how large, the room will still need the same basic components. This is true whether you choose

Flowering Room in Basement
Flowering Room in a Basement

a closet, a spare room,  your basement, an outside shed, or a garage attached to your house or a detached garage. Your first concern will be electricity. Is it available and is there enough electricity to run all the equipment that’s needed. You will need enough electricity to run your lights, an exhaust fan, at least one circulating fan, and possibly an air conditioner. Are you going to flower your plants in the same room you are vegetating your plants? If so, then you can get by with just one room. If not, and you are doing a perpetual grow, you will need two rooms set up the same way, doubling most everything.

Electrical Setup !

   Typical electric setup !  This picture shows a typical electrical setup for two rooms. There wasn’t enough 115 My Electrical Setupvolts of electricity in this house so they tapped into the 220 volt line. Most all ballasts are switchable between 115 v and 220 v so you can use either voltage. This setup Is running two 1000 watt Metal Halide (MH) grow lights in the veg. room and three 1000 watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights in the flowering room. The air conditioner(flower room only),centrifuge exhaust fan, circulating fans, and T-5 lights ( for 6 inch potted plants) run on the 115 volt line. If at all possible  keep all electrical connections and ballasts outside of your grow room.

Timers !

   Timers ! Timers on your lights are a must. You must control when your lights come onMy Electrical Setup and off. Your vegetating room will need the lights set for no less than 18 hours on. I have my lights set to come on at 7 am and turning off at 1 am in my vegetating room. Your flowering lights should be on 12 hours a day. Atypical schedule  would set the lights to come on at 7 am and set to turn off at 7pm. This picture shows two 220 volt timers in the center.(green timers) One of these is for two 1000 watt metal halide lights, for a vegetating room. The other one serves three 1000 watt high pressure sodium lights for a flowering room. There is another timer on the far left for T-5 fluorescent lights that is for vegetating 6 inch potted medical marijuana plants. A fourth timer on the far right has a thermostat plugged into it and an exhaust fan plugged into the thermostat. This is to have temperature control of the exhaust fan but also so the  fan will turn off shortly after the lights turn off.

Other Considerations !

   Other considerations ! Do you need to keep your grow secret ? Not a bad idea, even if you are growing in a state or place where it is legal to grow. Do you need odor control ? Again, not a bad idea no matter where you are. Will you be able to ventilate your room easily? This is a must as your plants will need a change of fresh air. Your room will need an air intake and an air exhaust. If you plan on using CO2 , ventilating to change the air is not necessary, but circulating the air will be. I prefer to have fresh air with the free CO2 that comes with it.

Ventilation !

   Ventilation; Think greenhouse ! Think of your inside grow room as an indoor greenhouse. Your

Basement Organic Medical Marijuana Flowering Room
A Basement Flowering Room

lights are the sun. Keep your lights far enough from your plants so you will not burn their leaves. Greenhouses need fresh air and your grow room will also. Plan and provide a place where fresh air can enter the room preferably at the bottom of the room near the floor. This is accomplished even if your intake of air is not at the bottom of the room by using flexible ducting directing the air to the bottom of your room. Now that you have fresh air coming into your room,  you will need to exhaust the hot stale air out of your room. Since hot air rises, you should exhaust the rooms air from near the top of the room. Here you should have an exhaust fan to pull the hot air out. It is more efficient to pull the hot air out of the room than it is to push fresh air into the room, so an intake fan is not needed !  When the exhaust fan

Centrifuge Exhaust Fan
Centrifugal Inline Fan

is pulling air out of the room it is also pulling fresh air into the room from the rooms intake vent making an intake fan unnecessary. For proper air flow thru your room your air intake should be at the opposite end of the room from your hot air exhaust. If you are using a grow box or grow tent, air intake should be at the bottom of the box or tent and exhaust at the top of the box or tent. If possible locate the exhaust fan outside of the room using an inline centrifugal fan or a can fan and continue with flexible tubing venting to the outside of the house. The exhaust fan should be plugged into a thermostat set at 75 degrees for total control of temperature. If oder will be a problem this is the line where you should install a charcoal “can filter” to eliminate the oder produced by flowering medical marijuana.

Air Circulation !

Portable air conditioner in flowering room
Portable Air Conditioner

Circulation; Keep air moving !  Even with fresh air coming into the room and the hot air being exhausted your plants still want more air movement. This is accomplished with the use of a circulating fan. This can be any kind of fan such as a box fan, or an oscillating fan. The size of the fan and how many fans you need depends on the size of your room. You don’t want to create a wind tunnel. You want the fan to create a gentile breeze, never blowing directly on the plants, but enough air movement so when you look at your plants you can see leaf movement on all plants. This air movement  mixes the air, helping to maintain an equal temperature throughout the room. Air movement helps create stronger stems and helps prevent fungus such as powdery mildew.

Controlling Temperature !

 Temperature control ! Controlling the temperature is critical

Basement flowering room, showing air conditioner in back with circulating fan in front. Top of room shows "Cool Tubes" (lighting fixtures) and their venting.
Basement Flowering Room

to growing a good crop of medical marijuana. During the vegetating stage you want to keep your rooms  temperature between 70 and 85 degrees during the day and between 65 and 75 degrees at night. During the flowering stage your plants perform best between 75 and 80 degrees during the day, and between 60 and 65 degrees at night. If you cannot keep your growing marijuana at these temperatures then you will need an air conditioner. A portable air conditioner works well for this purpose. Place the air conditioner near or at the fresh air intake of your room. You will also need to vent the hot air from the air conditioner out of your room so plan accordingly.   Go to Page : Temperature & Marijuana !

Lighting The Plants !

  Lighting the Big Question ! The lighting that you choose to use will dictate how much electricity you will need ! Go to page : Grow Lights For Marijuana !

Water ! Water should be near by where you can utilize it easily. If you are growing more than a couple of plants, you will want a hose attached to your water source for ease of watering.

Sulfur Now !Basement Grow Room

Sulphur ? Yes Sulfur !  Before you begin growing organic marijuana in your grow room, I implore you to spray or coat your entire room , ceiling, walls, and the floor with sulfur. If you do this, you will almost never  have any fungus or powdery mildew. This sulfur will stop it from ever getting started in your grow. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !  I prefer to use micronized sulphur as it dissolves in water easily making application easy to spray on surfaces. Micronized sulphur if sprayed on plants with powdery mildew it will kill the mildew instantly and not harm the plant. I however would not use it on any plants close to harvest as it may give a sulfur taste to your medical marijuana buds. Yes, sulfur is organic !That’s all you need to know for a marijuana grow room setup to grow your medical marijuana !                                                                                                  Go to Page : Powdery Mildew & Marijuana !

Conclusion !

Your marijuana grow room setup will be the most important project you do for growing Basement Grow Room organic marijuana. Without a proper setup you will never be able to grow a viable marijuana plant. Do not leave out any components as they are all very important. You must have all of these components in place for a successful grow.

  1. Electricity – This is a no – brainer !
  2. Timers – This is a must for turning your grow lights on and off at the proper time.
  3. Ventilation  – Extremely important !  One air intake and no less than one air exhausts.
  4. Air Circulation – Extremely Important ! Easily accomplished with oscillating fans.
  5. Temperature Control- Extremely Important ! An air conditioner may be required.
  6. Grow Lights – Impossible to grow inside without these.
  7. Water – another no – brainer !
  8. Sulfur – Not necessary but highly recommended !

Author and Photographer : Tom D.

Go to Page : Grow Lights For Marijuana !

Venting of "Cool Tube" light fixtures.
Venting of “Cool Tube” light fixtures.

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