Nitty Gritty of Organic Soil

   Tom’s Nitty Gritty Facts Of Organic Soil !

   If you are planning on growing organic marijuana you will need organic soil. The first question we must ask then is :

  What is soil? Soil is a natural body that is primarily composed of minerals (i.e., sand, silt, clay), mixed with at least some organic matter. soil

  What is organic matter? Organic matter  is matter composed of organic compounds that has come from the remains of once-living organisms such as plants and animals and their waste products. This basic structure created is from cellulose, tannin, cutin, and lignin, along with other various proteins, lipids, and sugars.

  Soil by nature is organic ! Yes, soil is organic unless somebody mucks it up by putting chemicals or non-organic substances into it. So when a person says organic soil, they are actually being redundant. However we are redundant when it comes to soil because of the commercial packaging of non-organic soils that they call soil. Because of the commercial soils we now have to clarify which ones are totally organic.

Commercial organic soil ! Good or bad ?  I know there are some very good bagged commercial organic soil available in the marketplace. There is nothing wrong with using Roots Organics Soilthese soils, and some of these will have enough nutrients to get you thru to harvest without fertilizing. Others you will need to supplement with organic nutrients, such as teas that you make, or commercial organic nutrients that you buy. I suggest that you always fertilize during the flowering stage of your medical marijuana even if you believe your bagged soil has the nutrients it needs to finish. I say this because of my experience doing both. I harvested a good crop with a good bagged organic soil, just water with no supplemental nutrients. I harvested a better crop by fertilizing thru the flowering stage.

   Perlite? Many of these soils will need perlite added to them to facilitate draining.

Horticultural Perlite
Horticultural Perlite

Why? Because most of the soils available hold too much water and their soil needs more aeration. Why? Because growing marijuana wants plenty of air to its roots. Without the air, the soil stays too moist this in turn cuts off the air supply to the plants roots. If the roots don’t get air they will rot and kill the plant. The number one cause of plant problems and death is plants roots staying too moist. Roots stay to moist if your soil becomes compacted without enough aeration or by over watering. Adding more perlite to the soil will help prevent that problem.

Perlite and Vermiculite ! Most folks get perlite and vermiculite confused, and I’m not


surprised. I have been to many websites that claim that they both aerate the soil and they both retain water in the soil. Both wrong ! Perlite and Vermiculite do opposite functions ! They are not the same !Do not use them interchangeably in soil ! Perlite and vermiculite are both organic mineral rocks mined from the ground in the USA among other countries. When heated both vermiculite and perlite expand and become porous and lightweight. But that is where their likeness ends.

The Differences ! Perlite lets water drain through it easily while vermiculite sucks up and holds ten times its own weight in water. Perlite is a rock mineral consisting mostly of silicon,aluminum and potassium. Vermiculite is also a rock mineral but within it is, sodium, calcium, aluminum,and magnesium. Add perlite to the soil to lighten it up and to aerate it, which will increase the drainage of soil. These porous, lightweight particles allow the water to pass through them and loosen soil, making it easier for plant roots to grow.Vermiculite is added to soil to help keep it moist longer and is best used in a seed and cutting mix !

Bottom line ! If you want to make growing organic marijuana as easy as you can buy a good quality bagged soil such as Fox Farm or Roots Organic soil. You may use these soils alone or with additives to pot and grow your medical marijuana plants.

Make Your Own Super Soil !

Author: Tom D.

Super Soil Organic Mix
Super Soil Organic Mix


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