Organic Definition – What Is Growing Organic Marijuana ?

Tom’s facts defining organic
  1. Introduction – What Others Want You To Believe !
  2. Organic Defined !
  3. What We Do Use Growing Organic Marijuana !
  4. Why You Should Grow Marijuana Organically !


Defining Organic Growing ?

 What Some Websites Would Have You Believe!  I read this definition of growing organic USDA organic sealmarijuana on more than one web site : ” Organic marijuana is the technique of using no pesticides, fertilizers or soil.” Wow, that statement flabbergasted me! I almost fell out of my chair. That statement is totally wrong. I’m thinking, what no soil?. The definition of soil is: the upper layer of earth that may be dug or plowed and in which plants grow.  Well you need some medium to hold the plants roots. I guess you don’t have to use soil. You could use rocks, perlite, coco fiber, peat moss, and there are more including soil-less mixes. The trouble with these are, they contain few nutrients if any. That means you have to fertilize, but it said “no fertilizer” and no pesticides ! Not using pesticides isn’t a problem, but no fertilizer ? How the hell are you going to grow any plant with no soil and no fertilizer. It’s just not going to happen ! So I think you can see that isn’t what organic means. The organic definition eludes those websites. So, what is growing organic marijuana ?

  Organic Defined !

 The question we are really asking is : What is the chemistry ofBEAKER organic?  We have Organic Matter , matter that has come from a once-living organism, is capable of decay, or composed of organic compounds. We have Organic Chemistry , chemistry involving organic compounds. And we have Organic Compound, a compound that contains carbon. There you have it all in a “nutshell”. Which by the way, is organic.

What We Do Use Growing Organic Marijuana !

 Organic Growing Defined ! When you grow organic medical marijuana, you use organic soilorganic fertilizers, and yes we even use organic pesticides. There is no reason not to grow marijuana organically. Growing organic marijuana is not any harder than growing using chemicals, so why would you grow any other way but organically?

Why You Should Grow Marijuana Organically !

Why Grow Organically ? When you grow organic marijuana, you are not only protectingFlav Bud the environment from harsh chemicals you are also keeping those harmful chemicals out of your body. Growing organic marijuana puts you in control of what goes into your crop. Which will give you peace of mind that you are not putting anything harmful into your body, whether you ingest, smoke or vaporize your medical marijuana. Organically grown medical marijuana yields healthier vigorous growth with more bountiful harvests. Organic marijuana does not have that harsh chemical taste that comes with non-organically grown weed that makes you cough your head off. Been there done that and so have you. It’s not pleasant. However, if you grow organic medical marijuana, your finished product will produce a natural smoother, sweeter, richer flavor and aroma. Varieties such as Blueberry will develop a more flavorful, sweeter, and fruiter taste. When grown organically you can be assured your medical marijuana plants will have their highest resin and THC levels. Growing organically will not only enhance the quality of your medical marijuana, it will also enhance the quality of your life. Go to Page : Subcool’s Super Soil 

Author, Tom D.