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What are Feminized Seeds?                                                                                                                                        

Feminized-cannabis-seeds orginal sensible seeds

When you buy feminized cannabis seeds, you can rest assured that each plant grown will be female and able to produce an abundance of delicious marijuana buds.

Unlike regular seeds, which will produce female plants as well as a small proportion of male plants, when you buy feminized cannabis seeds you are guaranteed female plants every time.

This increase in crop potential has been one of the key reasons why demand for feminized seeds has gone from strength to strength in the past ten years, especially for commercial weed growers, and has now overtaken the sale of regular cannabis seeds on some continents as well as being the best selling seeds here at the Original Sensible

Our selection of feminized strains comes from the best breeders found across the World. We have a complete selection of well known varieties as well as some more developmental strains.

Feminized Cannabis Tips

Quick tips - Feminized Seeds

– It is only the female cannabis plant that is responsible for creating useable buds.
– Normal or “Regular seeds” will produce both male and female plants
– Feminized seeds will only produce female cannabis plants.
– Wiki info – Feminized Seeds– Unless your breeding, or happy to weed out any males from your crop. You’re going to want feminized seeds !

What’s more, many of the strains we stock are available to buy as Regular,  Feminized and often Autoflowering varieties.

When buying feminized seeds it is possible to find packs in a range of sizes. Some come in singular packs, while others can be bought in bulk for fantastic commercial opportunities. Just take a look at the pack details and you will get all the information you need.

Whatever your preference, check out our complete range of feminized cannabis seeds and remember, they all qualify for our price guarantee which means you can’t buy the same quality seed cheaper anywhere else.

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Medical Marijuana Seeds                                                              orginal sensible seeds

The medicinal properties of marijuana have been known almost since time began, but new and innovative ways of using cannabis in medicine are still being discovered practically every day, and we are all for it.

Today medical marijuana seeds are available for a full range of ailments, from pain and stress relief through to appetite simulation after chemotherapy. And thanks to the popularity of medical cannabis seeds throughout the community, there are now a range of specialist seed plants focused on producing high quality medicinal marijuana for us all to enjoy.

Growing cannabis for medicinal purposes is as easy as you make it. There are many really easy to grow varieties such as Pyramid Seed’s Super Hash if you have no experience in cannabis growing. Or you can jump straight into buying cannabis seeds from a dedicated medicinal seedbank such as All In Medical Seeds or Finest Medical Seeds. And top seedbanks like Dinafem and Nirvana also have specialist medical strains that will ensure you get what you are looking for.

What makes the best medicinal marijuana seeds is still up for debate. Some say a combination of THC and CBD create an effect that is vital to obtain the full value of these plants, while others consider the qualities in the indica strain vital to create the euphoria that makes medicinal cannabis so effective.

Here at the Original Sensible Seed Company, we think it could be a bit of everything, you just have to keep trying until you find the brand that suits you. But to make things a bit easier, we have pulled together our complete collection of medical marijuana seeds onto this one page, so that you can browse at your leisure and buy medical marijuana seeds until you hit the jackpot.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds ( Non Feminized )                             regular-cannabis-seeds orginal sensible seeds

Just because these marijuana seeds are regular, it doesn’t mean they are run of the mill. In fact they are anything but. Regular Cannabis seeds were so named because they are created in the regular way. Each weed seed is bred using a male and female parent and can produce either male or female plants.

This type of cannabis seed is ideal for anyone growing cannabis for the first time, but is also vital for more advanced growers who want to try their hand at breeding cannabis seeds.

Though it isn’t possible to tell whether a regular cannabis seed is male or female before growing it, a couple of weeks into the flowering phase and you can quickly spot the plants growing oval shaped pods which is the tell tell sign of a male. Discard these quickly and you will have an abundance of beautifully flavoured smoke for your personal or commercial enjoyment.

And there are other advantages to regular cannabis seeds too besides seed production. The seeds themselves can be far cheaper than feminised or autoflowering seed varieties and start from as little as 1.29 Euros per seed.

The plants they produce are also more likely to provide effective cloning plants for far longer than alternative seeds, so you can continue to enjoy the fruits of one marijuana plant for longer.

If you are new to growing cannabis seeds and want something that will provide outstanding results with no hassle, try Dutch Passion Durban Poison. Or for the more advanced grower, the Big Bud Sensi Seeds just cannot be missed.

Ultimately, regular cannabis seeds offer more flexibility and variety that either autoflowering or feminised seeds. Take a look through the full range of regulars we have to offer and see the wonderful array of options open to you when you buy cannabis seeds from us.

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Autoflowering Seeds                                                                         Autoflowering-cannabis-seeds orginal sensible seeds

Autoflowering seeds provide a unique opportunity for cannabis growers as it is the plant itself that dictates the flowering time, rather than the person growing it.

To make normal, non autoflowering regular or feminised cannabis plant flower, the weed grower needs to restrict the amount of light the plants receive in order to begin the flowering stage. This often means creating separate grow rooms for different plants, manually changing the light times and ensuring you keep a close eye on which plant is in which phase. But with autoflowering cannabis seeds you can do away with all that. The plant will flower when it wants to rather than when you tell it to, so you don’t have to worry.

Autoflowering strains are also usually faster growing than other varieties of marijuana seeds, with our fastest Autoflowering seeds blooming in just 35 days. And when flowering times are earlier and growth is faster, multiple harvests in the same year become much easier.

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Single Cannabis Seeds

Pick & Mix | Single Cannabis Seeds

Like a kid in a candy store, this page gives you the opportunity to pick and mix as many different varieties, strengths, colours and sizes of cannabis seed that you like, without having to pay out on full packets each time. Every weed seed on this page can be bought in either a single or mixed packs, giving you the opportunity to try out new varieties or remember old favourites.

And a lot of these pick and mix cannabis seeds are available in regular, feminised and autoflowering varieties which gives you the opportunity to try out something a little different without changing your entire crop.

We request no minimum or maximum order value, which means you can buy cannabis seeds in the quantity that suits you all with our guaranteed price promise.
And with cannabis seeds starting from as little as 4.99 Euros each, you can afford to take your time and get a selection that is going to create a crop you can really be proud of.

Right now, the Dinafem White Widow seed is proving to be the top cannabis seed that everyone wants in their pick and mix selection. But for something with unquestionable power, the Zambeza Seeds Fruit Juice Feminized Cannabis may be more your flavour.

But this isn’t an either / or situation. The beauty of the pick and mix is that you can grow all the varieties you want, so that you can enjoy varying harvest dates, varying effects and incredible skunk that is going to suit your every mood.

Check out our new Pick and Mix Combo Packs, including the High THC & CBD pack and the Cup Winner Combo pack

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Growing organic marijuana from the Original Sensible Seed Company seeds is the sensible thing to do !