2 thoughts on “Powdery Mildew and Marijuana !

  1. what are the potential toxic effect of smoking or eating cannabis that has sulfur. i had some shadows on xrays that looked like small cell carcinoma on both lungs, it went away when i stopped smoking, now i worry about eating sulfur. is there a method to purge the sulfur? a method of concentration that removes the sulfur without solvents? i dont have the health for being around solvents or butane, but, does it work to remove the sulfur? is ther a method to safely eat sulfur on cannabis?
    thank you, jpking

  2. Howdy Jay King, I’m not a chemist or a doctor and this question is best answered by someone more knowledgeable than myself. I would never use sulfur on flowering marijuana. I would never eat or smoke marijuana that has been treated with sulfur while in the flowering stage of growing.I know of no methods to remove sulfur once on the plants. Sulfur is not dissolved by any product known to man, it is only suspended in any solution. I know of no way to destroy sulfur, not even by heat or fire. Burning sulfur will only release it into the atmosphere, but it will still be sulfur in a gaseous form and when cooled will revert back to a solid form. This is why sulfur burners work well. NEVER USE SULFUR ON ANY PLANT PARTS YOU INTEND TO SMOKE OR EAT. NEVER !! Tom D.

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