Seeds! What other growers will not tell you!

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          Marijuana Seeds Have A Well Kept Secret !

  1. Introduction – How I Discovered the Secret !life-cycle-cannabis
  2. Why is Your Grape Ape Different Than Mine ?
  3. It’s All About Genetics – Genotype & Phenotype !
  4. Seeds Are Just Like Children !
  5. How Can You Tell The One You Want ?
  6. The Secret ?
  7. Conclusion – My recommendations !

Introduction How I discovered The secret !

   How I Know !  I have germinated over 120 different strains of medical marijuana.  I have marijuana-seeds-ready-for-germinationbeen growing organic marijuana from seeds for a few years now, for a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado.  Dispensaries, by law, must grow no less than 75% of what they sell, so my boss would get on the internet and look for different strains to buy so we could grow them for patients.  My boss was like a child in a candy store, and purchased more varieties than I knew existed at the time.   It was my job to germinate these seeds and grow medical marijuana.  The smallest packet of seeds germinated contained 5 seeds, many had 10 seeds.   5×120= 600 seeds germinated at the least, and still counting.  It is from this experience that I learned the secret of the seed.

Why Is Your Grape Ape Different Than Mine ?

   First A Question ?  Have you ever purchased some “Grape Ape” medical marijuana from two different dispensaries?  Maybe you bought some Cheese or Strawberry Cough, Purplemedical marijuana Urkle, OG Kush, or even Super Lemon Haze.  The variety doesn’t really matter . Once we find a strain we like, we usually buy  that same strain from different dispensaries. We do this of course,  to “check them out”.   Is one dispensaries’ Grape Ape better than another’s?  Is one more stony than the other, or does one taste and smell more like grapes than the other.   Throw in a third sample.  One’s stonier,  another really tastes like grapes, and another smells like grapes but has a floral taste. Wow!  The same variety,  the very same strain, but all three have different attributes. Did you ever wonder why this is?  Maybe you thought well, hell, they’re using different growing methods, different lights, different soil mix, so you expect them to be different.  But do you expect them to be so much different from each other?  Although how the plants were grown does make a difference.  It is actually a small difference compared to the secret within the seed.

   You Don’t Buy From Dispensaries?   Well then, did you ever wonder why Bill’s “Blueberry” is more medicinal (potent) than what you are growing?  You both use the same growingBasement Organic Medical Marijuana Flowering Room methods.  You both use the same type of grow lights. You even purchased seeds from the same source.  Heck, you may have even shared seeds from the same bag.   But his smells and tastes more like “Blueberry” than yours and its even stonier.  Maybe your “Blueberry” is better than his!  Ever wonder why that is?  How can they be so different when everything was the same?

It’s All About Genetics – Genotype & Phenotype !

   First A Little Science!  To understand the seed’s secret, we need to talk about gene-dna-Genetics.  Genetics is the science of heredity and the variation of inherited traits. I’m not going to get technical here, so don’t run away. We just need to understand the difference between Genotypes and Phenotypes. Genotype is an organism’s complete hereditary information Where as phenotype is an organism’s actual observed properties such as structure, development and behavior.

Seeds Are Just Like Children !

   Seeds Are Like Children ?  Seeds are just like human children. They may come from the same mother and father and share the same genetics and DNA as their parents, but theychildren are however, different. The children may look like their parents, similar but different. The children may look like each other but are different. Their structure is different, they develop differently and behave differently. One child may look like their father but behave like their mother. Another child may look like their mother but has the father’s personality.  And a third child may not even look like either parent but has the complex personality of both parents.  Each child has the same genetics and the same DNA, but they are different.  Why?  Because each child is a “Phenotype” of the mother and father pairing.

   Seeds Develop Just Like Children!  Seeds, like children have different personalities. Sativa SeedlingSome seeds will have more traits of the female marijuana plant, while others will have more traits of the male marijuana plant. Some seeds may produce a more potent plant, others may have a more pleasant taste, while others may produce a more pleasant aroma.  Some seeds will have the complex traits of both the male and female plants.  When a female marijuana plant is pollinated it will produce hundreds and hundreds of seeds. Each and every seed is a different “Phenotype” of the male/ female pairing.  Each seed will behave differently, develop differently and their structure will be different from each other.

How Can You Tell The One You Want ?

   Picking The Right Seed !   So, how do you pick the right seed that will give you the best Marijuana Seedsyield, with the best potency, and the best smell?   That’s the problem, you can’t tell.  There is absolutely no way to tell which seed will produce the best traits of the male/ female pairing. There is no way to tell which “Phenotype”  is the best.

   Only One Way To Tell !   You will know which “Phenotype” is best only after you haveflowering organic marijuana grown,  flowered and harvested them. Then, and only then, will you be able to see which plant from seed performed best with regards to quality, yield, and potency.  Did you keep a mother plant from that seed that produced real well? If you only kept one “Phenotype” for a mother plant, lets hope you kept the right one.  If you didn’t pick the better “Phenotype” as the mother plant, you will have to start all over again from square one and plant more seeds.  This has happened to me many times, more times than I would like to admit.  It is next to impossible, if not impossible to keep a mother plant of every plant you started from seed.

The Secret ?

   The Secret !   If you still don’t know what the secret of the seed is, I’ll spell it out.  The Cannabis Marijuana Female Plantsecret is :  Even though the seeds you planted came from the same pollinated female plant and was only pollinated from one male, all the seeds produced will grow plants with different traits.  With hundreds of seeds from the pairing many will be very similar, but just as many will be very different.  This is the main deciding factor on how the marijuana plant will perform.  The method used to grow the plant is secondary to the genetic Phenotype of the plant.  This is why Bill’s “Blueberry” is different from yours.  This is the biggest reason  “Blueberry” marijuana is different at different dispensaries.  This holds true for all strains of marijuana.  That is a fact !

Conclusion !

My Recommendations!   We all are aware that 50% of all marijuana seeds are males. If you germinating-cannabis-seedsdidn’t know that already, you know it now.   I still recommend buying seeds!   It is the best way to try different strains of medical marijuana.  But to save you both  time and money,   I recommend buying feminized seeds.  This will not only save you money that would have been spent growing males, it also saves space that could have been used for females.  Growing feminized seeds will also save you about two months time that would have been spent growing males, males that  would be destroyed. The money you save by not growing males, will be more than enough to pay the extra expense of  feminized seeds.  It has been my experience that feminized seeds produce Phenotypes that are more similar to each other than “Phenotypes” from non-feminized seeds.  I have also found out that feminized seeds do not produce more hermaphrodites than non-feminized seeds.  If you haven’t been growing organic marijuana from seed, I highly recommend you give it a try.  I believe you will find it rewarding,  exciting ,  fun and educational !    Go to Page : Vegetating Marijuana !

Author : Tom D.


Questions ? Please e-mail me with any questions or comments and I will answer you within 24 hours or sooner !

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  1. Do you know how seed banks get feminized seeds? It is by spraying silver liquid at the mother plant! I do not think that this is very organic!

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