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Sensible Seeds were one of the first online retailers of high grade Marijuana Seeds and we have kept our reputation as the foremost Cannabis Seeds supplier due to our excellent customer service and vast selection over 3000 strains and Cannabis Cup winners. We source our high grade marijuana seeds from over 150 of the worlds best skunk breeders! All our seeds are bought fresh packed and stored in an optimum environment to ensure freshness.

Sensible Seeds is a family run business renowned for honesty and integrity ; we treat our customers on a personal level and many have become close friends over the years. Check us out on the forums and you will see for yourself.

We are the only UK Cannabis Seeds supplier to boast a  Medical Marijuana section showing which marijuana strains are beneficial to which conditions.

We offer a Price Match Guarantee, Free Cannabis Seeds with orders, Discounts and Monthly Promos with great offers. Our Stealth Packaging is the best in the business.

Cannabis seeds are our passion and with 20 years of experience behind us you know you are in safe hands!

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized  marijuana seeds are bred so that the  male chromosomes are no longer present . This means  that every plant grown from a feminized seed will flower as a female and be able to produce a crop of juicy skunk buds desired by most growers.

For cultivators who would like a quick and easy cultivation process, feminized seeds are the perfect  choice. Some medicinal marijuana users may be put off from growing their own supply because of the supposed difficulty of growing or  identifying the different sexes and removing males early in the flowering  period. Feminized  cannabis seed-strains offer a simple answer to these issues, as there is no need to spend time in the first weeks of flowering checking for those elusive male plants.

Marijuana gardeners usually germinate more seeds than they intend to grow (usually twice as much) to allow for the identifying and  removal of  the males. With feminized  cannabis seeds, growers can decide how many plants they want, germinate that specific amount of seeds, then simply grow, flower and harvest the results. This makes the whole process of cannabis cultivation a lot easier.

Barney’s Critical Kush – Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Critical_Kush1 sensibleDeveloped by the Barney’s Farm team. An unusual blend of fine genetics. Critical Kush is a blending of the famous Critical Mass with OG Kush. This is a powerful and extremely vigorous indica plant, yielding huge amounts of beautiful stoney Kush. Flowers in just 8 weeks indoors, and grows medium height with great flower-to-leaf ratio. Take pleasure in its sticky feel, aromatic sent, crystal-covered buds and knockout-stoney high. The Kush taste is unmistakable, and the yield per plant phenomenal. This new hybrid is a significant advance in modern marijuana breeding. Its Indica-dominant nature makes it ideal for relaxation, pain relief, and late night smoking.

Sex: Feminized   Type: Indica   Yield: 750gr/m2   Height: 80-90cm   Flower Time: 55-60 days   Harvest Time: End September   THC: 25%    CBD: 2.1%   Genetics: Critical Mass X O.G. Kush

Old Early Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

old-early-skunk-hero sensibleOld Early Skunk Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Hero Seeds: If you’re looking to break free from established rules and create your own, this is your variety. Very productive and of exquisite flavour Rich in psycho-actives (THC, CBD, CBN) and extremely plague resilient. Its flowers are thick, abundant, and of an early flowering period. A great classic that’s been selected for years, Early Pearl + Skunk + Northern Lights + Ortega + Afghani SA + Hash Plant

Sex: Feminized   Type: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica   Grow: Indoor/Outdoor   Yield: High   THC: 10-22%    CBN: 1.5%   CBD: 0.7%    Genetics: Black Domina (Afghan) x Early Skunk


Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud Indoor Feminized

FEMALE SEEDS - WHITE WIDOW BIG BUD-White Widow x Big Bud Feminized is a very popular cannabis strain with enormous yield and heavy stone.Expect enormous dripping from resin buds from this one. With the ‘knock-out’ White Widow Stone after 7-8 weeks of 12/12. Due to popularity now a permanent cannabis strain. Features:  Sex: Female   Type: Indica/Sativa   Yield: High   Height: 40-50 cm   Grows: Indoors   Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks  Genetics: White Widow x Big Bud


Spliff Seeds Mega Power Plant Feminized (Gold)

mega-power-plant1 sensibleMega Power Plant Feminised Marijuana Seeds by Spliff Seeds: Mega Power Plant 90% Indica Genotype: (NL x OG Kush) x Power Plant, taste sweet, earthy, like fine Hash. Smell of liquorice with earthy and diesel, tall, THC dripping buds, rue Indica style, ideal for SOG, easy to grow, homogenous plants Compact bud structure medicinal value: muscle spasms, chronic pain, stress, muscular pain, back pain and lack of appetite, strong, stoned high, potential THC level high. Mega Power Plant 90% Indica Genotype: (NL x OG Kush) x Power Plant…Sex: Feminised   Type:90% Indica   Grow:Indoor/Outdoor   Flowering Time:8 to 9 weeks   Outdoor Harvest:October   Indoor Height:0.80 to 1.00m   Outdoor Height:1.80m   Indoor Yield:500 to 600g/m2   Outdoor Yield:400g/plant   Growing Difficulty:Medium

Bomb Seeds THC Bomb Feminized

THC-Bomb-01 sensibleTHC Bomb Feminized Seeds from Bomb Seeds this original signature strain has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels makes it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike. Like Big Bomb, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder. Outdoors THC Bomb can produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant, will literally be covered in frosty white trichomes. THC Bomb was, developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed!   Sex: Feminized   Type: Sativa/Indica Mix   Grow: Indoor/Outdoor   Height: 65 to 90cm   Flowering Time: 7 to 9 weeks / Outdoor Harvest: September/October   Yield: 550 to 650g/m2 / Outdoor: Up to 1kg/Plant   THC: 20 to 25%   Effects: Strong All Round Buzz

Ministry of Cannabis Big Bud XXL Feminized

MOC-big-bud-xxl sensible‘Big Bud’ is a well known cannabis strain with an extremely large harvest and with a happy effect. Less known is the fact that this almost pure indica has been carefully refined and constantly improved over years.First, Big Bud was a hardy afghanica infused with skunk genes. This hybridization possesses incredible strength and record-breaking yield. No surprise, it quickly became a popular commercial marijuana variety. When this original clone made it to Holland, it gave rise to several stable marijuana seed-strains, including a back-cross with Skunk No.1 and a very popular hybrid of 75% Big Bud x 25% Northen Lights No.1.   Sex: Feminized   Grows: Indoor/Outdoor   Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa   Flowering Time: 7 to 8 weeks   Yield: 500 to 650g  THC: 15%   Genetics: Big Bud x Northern Light #1

Barney’s Farm Liberty Haze Feminized

Liberty_Haze1-01 sensibleLiberty haze is a cross of G13 male with a fast flowering Chem Dawg 91. Liberty Haze has both Indica and sativa characteristics with one perfect talent.- a fast flowering time. (8 to 9 weeks). A medium tall plant with substantial girth and big fat calyxes, she performs excellently in both indoor and outdoor environments. Long dense cola’s start to really fatten up in the last three weeks with dense trichome production with beautiful contrasting red and purple hairs. The Liberty Haze buzz is
immediate and long lasting with an alert and euphoric cerebral effect.
Has a distinct and refreshing lime taste and fragrance.
Lab tests have rated the THC content at up to 25 percent

Sex: Feminized   Type: Indica/Sativa   Yield: 650g/M2   Height: 90-100 cm   Flower Time: 60-65 Days   Harvest Time: End September/Early October   Thc: 25%   Cbd: 1.8%   Genetics: G13 X Chem Dawg 91

The Doctor Feminized Cannabis Seeds

TheDoctor sensibleThe Doctor Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Green House Seeds: Great White Shark x South Indian x Super Skunk An instant-hitter, very stoned, bordering the narcotic, medicinally effective in pain therapy and against insomnia. Indoor flowering 8 weeks, with a yield up to 800gr/m2 very good for SoG and SCRoG Outdoor flowering Ready at the end of September (North hemisphere) with a production up to 1200gr/plant medium size, dense plant, needs support.Sex:Feminized   Type:Indica   Grow:Indoor/Outdoor   THC:17.69%   CBD:0.21%   CBN:0.06%

 Royal Queen Seeds Amnesia Haze Feminized

amnesia-hazeAfter the haze genetics came to Holland and several hybrids were made, an American expat would later combine one of these hybrids with a male derived from old school haze seeds creating the Amnesia Haze.Sex:Feminized   Type:80% Sativa / 20% Indica   Flowering Time:12 weeks   Harvest Month:October   Height Indoor:80 to 140cm   Height Outdoor:175 to 210cm   Yield Indoor:600 to 650gr/m2   Yield Outdoor:650 to 700 grams per plant dried   THC:22%   CBD:Low   Genetics:Amnesia Haze   Effect:Psychedelic high

Blue Monster Holk Feminized Cannabis Seeds

blue-monster-holk-hero sensibleBlue Monster Holk Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Hero Seeds: Beware of the blue Titan…just one oversight could trigger his transformation. It produces a monstrous quantity of resin, rich in THC, CBD, and CBN. Produces a great harvest and it’s also plague resistant. G13 + Blueberry + Northern Lights + Ortega + Afghani SA + Hash Plant.   Sex:   Feminized   Type: 40% Sativa / 60% Indica   Grow:Indoor/Outdoor   Yield: High   THC: 23 to 26%   CBN: 1.6%   CBD: 0.9%   Genetics: Black Domina (Afghan) x Blue Monster

Big Bud has always been famous as a cannabis strain with staggering yields. Her superior Indica pedigree was carefully refined and steadily improved over many years and has now been perfected for release as an all-female seed strain!

Sensi Seeds Big Bud Feminized

big-bud-feminized sensibleThe first clone-only Big Bud was a sturdy Afghani infused with Skunk genes – a hybrid possessing amazing vigour and unexpected, record-breaking production.Through extensive research and testing, Sensi Seeds was able to take the Big Bud clone back to her roots by breeding with a rare and special Afghani, resulting in the original, award-winning Big Bud seed-strain.Breeding continued, with the aim of producing a reliable, uniform feminised version of this super-productive variety which, after years of work, is now available to the public!   Sex: Feminized  Type: Indica 85% Sativa 15%   Yield: XXL   Harvest: 50 / 65 Days   Height: Average

White Widow Automatic Feminized Marijuana Seeds

white-widow-automatic sensibleWhite Widow Automatic Feminized Marijuana Seeds by Spliff Seeds: White Widow Automatic 60% Indica Genotype: Brazilian Sativa x South Indian x NL Special x Afghan Lowryder, incense aroma, earthy, hash like taste (Kush) Superfast; seed to yield in 10 weeks., short and compact covered in trichomes, strong body stoned and psycho-active high, THC percentage medium-high. An original Widow was used to crossbreed with our NL Special and an Afghan Lowryder, which resulted in the creation of our White Widow Automatic. She is a fast flowering, gruesome budding lady that tastes good with a medium to high THC percentage. She is short stalked, yields impressively and is a true Indica Stoner. As with all autoflowering strains she produces one main bud with some smaller side buds that are all greasy and white. After sticking its head above ground she will finish in a mere 9 weeks! Length is between 60cm and 1 metre. Yield between 400-550 gr/m2. The bud structure is half open and the optimal light cycle is 18/6, which will result in firm buds, suitable on all media. White Widow Automatic has an incense aroma and a nice taste for an autoflower, somewhat hash like and earthy, a true Indica stoner with a powerful body stone, medicinal value: insomnia, muscular pain, joint and lumbar pain.Sex:Feminized   Type:60% Indica   Grow:Indoor/Outdoor   Flowering Time:10 to 11 weeks   Outdoor Harvest:August/September   Indoor Height:0.60 to 1.00m   Out:door Height1.50m    Indoor Yield:400 to 550g/m2    Outdoor Yield:60 to 80g/plant   Growing Difficulty:Medium

Royal Queen Seeds Dance World Feminized

dance-world-royalqueen sensibleDance World Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds: An uplifting marijuana strain with great medicinal potential. Dance World is a cross of two different phenotypes of Dance Hall. Its genetics are a mix of mainly Mexican and Afghan crossed with the great medicinal strain Juanita la Lagrimosa. Dance World is quite a short cannabis plant that grows mostly like an Indica, reaching a height of 60 to 90 cm. It will flower in around 8 weeks, again very much like an Indica. However, its effect is not like most Indicas. Like all of our medicinal cannabis strains, it has a high amount of CBD, almost equal to the amount of THC. As expected by the name, Dance World gives an uplifting, motivating high much like the Jamaican dancehall music that its parents were named after. These high CBD cannabis strains have been used for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects. The marijuana seeds are also feminized, meaning you’ll have no male plants to deal with. So, when grown well, every plant should turn into a beautiful flowering female. Dance World will have a yield of around 50 to 80 grams per plant. The smell is not too strong during growth or flowering. However, once the buds are ground and smoked, the aroma comes out, a complex mix of earthy aromas and spicy, almost fruity flavour. Dance World is a good strain for medicinal users, or anyone who wants a more uplifting effect.Sex: Feminised   Type: 75% Sativa / 25% Indica   Flowering Time: 8 weeks   Harvest Month: Early October   Height Indoor: 60 to 100cm   Height Outdoor: 80 to 120cm   Yield Indoor: 475 to 525gr m2   Yield Outdoor: 400 to 450 grams per plant dried   THC: 18%   CBD: High   Genetics: Dancehall 20 x Juanita la Lagrimosa   Effect: A motivating and inspiring feeling

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana has proven helpful in relieving the symptoms of thousands of medical conditions among medical marijuana patients. Medical marijuana can offer relief from pain from various ailments and injuries  and we have sourced some useful information from the web which may help you make an informed choice.

In the United States where certain states have legalised the use of medical marijuana, doctors recommend MMJ for a whole host of illnesses, conditions and diseases, many of which are chronic. Medical marijuana can alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, arthritis, AIDS, glaucoma, epilepsy, inflammation, migraines and Crohn’s disease amongst many other conditions.

There are a few medications that are based on a natural extract of marijuana such as the pain reliever Sativex, which is administered as an oral spray, and Marinol, which is approved by the FDA and used for treatment of nausea for certain conditions. But many experts consider Marinol and other synthetic substitutes to be less effective than traditional marijuana.

To see our full list of medical conditions and related Medical Marijuana Strains Please see our Medical Marijuana Conditions page. 

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