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Worldwide Marijuana Seeds, aka The Single Seed Centre  prides themselves on being the first choice for customers across the globe. Why do people keep returning to buy their high-quality cannabis seeds? Simply because they have the largest range available on any website in the world! As connoisseurs of marijuana seeds they consistently source the highest-quality strains available. Ordering from their online store is a pleasure. Simply choose your preferred marijuana seeds, order safely and await for the discreet, rapid delivery. You’ll also receive bonus free seeds with every order! The seeds that come from Worldwide Marijuana Seeds aka The Single Seed Centre are excellent for growing organic marijuana, and medical marijuana.

  1. Afghan Kush
  2. AfghanSpecial
  3. AK-48
  4. Alapulco Gold
  5. BC God Bud
  6. Berry Bomb
  7. THC Bomb
  8. Blackberry
  9. Black Russian
  10. Blueberry
  1. Blue Venom
  2. Blue Mistic
  3. Cheese
  4. Chemdog
  5. The Church
  6. Critical Kush
  7. Exodus Cheese
  8. G13 Haze
  9. Humboldt
  10. Island Sweet Skunk
  1. Jilly Bean
  2. LSD
  3. Northern Lights
  4. Northern Lights
  5. NYC Diesel
  6. OG Kush
  7. Papaya
  8. Pakistan Valley
  9. Pineapple Chunk
  10. Speedy Gonzales
  1. Strawberry Cough
  2. Sweet Tooth
  3. Tangerine Dream
  4. Train Wreck
  5. Vanilla Kush
  6. Violator Kush
  7. White Rhino
  8. White Widow
  9. White Widow (Seedsman)
  10. Widow Bomb

 Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple_Chunk_ SSWe crossed the famous Barney’s Pineapple with our Cheese/Skunk #1 with the intention of breeding into this new variety, the essence and flavor of these two delicious strains. The result is an extremely vigorous and stable plant. Mould and disease resistant.Flowering to a beautiful conclusion in just 55 days. The essence and flavor of Pineapple Chunk is immediately obvious. Its aroma of earthy Cheese x Skunk is backed up by a secondary scent of Pineapple. The taste is delicious and unique. Earthy flavors are underpinned by a strong tasty Pineapple aftershock.Pineapple Chunk is most rewarding. A huge giver with a massive THC output and high CBD gives a powerful couch lock effect.Type: Indica Dominant Genetics: Pineapple x Skunk #1 X Cheese Yield: Optimum indoor. 650 gr/m2 Height: 60-80 cm Flowering time: 55 to 60 days Harvest time: End of September                THC: 25% CBD: 1.1

Afghan Kush

Afghan_Kush_SSAfghan Kush has proven especially popular as cannabis used to create black resin. This is because the pure Indica strain carries massive amounts of resin on its large number of buds and also because it is a hardy plant that can grow in many variant conditions.The Afghan Kush strain is tolerant to irrigation and fertilisation so can be grown indoors and can be pushed for additional growth too. Expect flowering Afghan Kush to take place in less than eight weeks and enjoy the medicinal properties of what has become a firm favourite with the cannabis growing world.Way of cropping: Mainly indoor/very good yield outdoor
Race: Pure race obtained from Afghani Kush zone
Genotype: Almost 100% Indica
Height: Less than 1.5m indoor/ until 2 meters outdoor
Width: Depending on prune. Some branched without prune.
Growing time: 3 Weeks
Harvest time: 45 – 55 days indoor/average
Yield: Over 400 gr per m2 indoor/ 500 – 600 gr per plant outdoor
Medicinal Value: High (for its high content in CBD).
Smell: Hashish
Flavour: Fruity and sweet
Effects: Very narcotic
THC Level: 21.6%  cannabinoids. 7.4%

Tangerine Dream

 Tangerine_Dream_SS* Winner 23rd High Times Cannabis Cup 2010. The exceptional crossing of G13 with Neville’s A5 Haze – with the resulting plant again crossed with G13 – Tangerine Dream is sativa-dominant strain offering tangy, intense sweet citrus aromas and flavours as well as effects that are at once cerebral and relaxing. The best of both worlds for smokers and growers. Considering its attributes, Tangerine Dream seeds 70-day flowering time is remarkably short, and the one-meter high plants, with their strong and numerous side branches, yield an impressive minimum of 500 grams per square meter. Colas grow large and tight, especially for a sativa-dominant strain, and are flecked with red and orange hairs and frosted with a shimmering layer of fine THC crystals. A taste sensation offering clean and long lasting effects. Type: Sativa x Indica  Genetics: G13 x Neville’s A5 Haze  Yield: 500gr/m2   Height: medium   Flowering time: 70 days   Harvest time: end of October   THC: 25%   CBD: 1.8%

White Widow

White_Widow_13_SSWhite Widow is one of a kind and winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1995! This plant is the strongest among the weed species. Has the highest percentage of THC! A relatively short plant with high flower to leaf ratio it can do well indoor and outdoor. White Widow has a delicious aroma and sweet smooth fresh taste, as well as a serious high. Watch the flower maturing stage and harvest at the peak of white crystal formation which will cover the flowers. Avoid excessively cool damp conditions in the maturing phase.Plant height: Medium Plant   Stoned or high?: Medium Indica/Sativa THC level: High THC Flowering Weeks: 8/9   Yield : 450   Harvest Month: 8/9

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco_Gold_1 SSThe Sativa dominant Acapulco Gold strain is a great looking and attractive plant; one that has the added benefit of being heavily laden with highly visible THC crystals. The long lasting high relaxes the body and induces calmness making it a classic high. The Central American originated plant will be ready for harvest in around 10 weeks and the colas have gold and red flecks to give them the unique Acapulco Gold look. All in all, this is a great strain that you should certainly give some time to.

Type: Sativa Dominant Genetics: Central American Yield: 500gr x m2 Height: 70-80cm Flowering Time: 70-75 Days Harvest Time: Mid October THC: 23% CBD: 0.7%


 Blueberry_SSBlueberry cannabis has won the High Tmes Cu and placed third in the same competition. It is an Indica dominant strain that has been around for more than 35 years.Blueberry takes its name from the colour of the plant, which turns blue during curing, and also from the blueberry taste that is achieved when smoking. THC content is high and this offers a euphoric high that will last for some considerable time.THC = 19.5%, CBD < 0.1% Flowering period: 8 – 10 weeks Harvest time outdoor: 2nd – 3rd week of Oct.

The Church

The_Church_1_SSA unique taste, very social. Mould resistant and good resin output.Awards: Not yet introduced in competitions.Genetics: Swiss sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk, Northern Lights.Effect: A heavy indica feeling that evolves in a long lasting cerebral high. A special taste and a very social effect.Flowering indoor: 9 weeks, with a yield of 700 to 800 gr/ sqm.Flowering outdoor: Ready in early October above the equator, in early May in the Southern hemisphere. Yield up to 900 gr/plant. Great resin production and very resistant to mould! Recommended for humid or rainy areas.THC: 20.28% CBD: 0.16% CBG: 0.16%


TrainWreck_ SSGenetics: Original clone from Arcata, USA. Reversed 100% feminised.Effect: Like the name suggests, a real blast. It hits fast, and it hits hard. Stony on the body, confusing and trippy on the brain. A truly powerful smoke.Flowering indoor: Ready in 8 weeks, expect a lot of resin and tower-like calyx formation deforming the buds in the final stages of ripening. Production up to 500 grams per square meter.Flowering outdoor: Ready beginning October, with stretchy branches and long shaped colas. Production up to 700 grams per plant.THC: 21.74% CBD: 0.77% CBG: 0.1%

THC Bomb

THC_Bomb_SSTHC Bomb; our original signature strain, has created rave reviews around the world. This unique mixture of giant, rock-hard buds with explosive THC levels make it one for commercial growers and connoisseurs alike. Like Big Bud, the harvest will be massive coupled with the power and strength of white strains. THC Bomb has very high levels of THC, well over 20% when grown under optimum conditions. The plant grows with extreme vigour and strength while staying relatively short and finishing very fast for such a large yielder. Outdoors THC Bomb can produce well over 1kg per plant. When ready to harvest the plant will literally be covered in frosty white trichromes. THC Bomb was developed to be something special delivering on every level: yield, strength, taste and speed! Type: Indica/Sativa Mix Plant height: Short (65-90cm) Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Flowering: 7-9 Weeks Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct THC: Very High (20-25%) Yield: Very High (550-650g/m2) Stoned/High: Strong, all round buzz

Berry Bomb

  • Regular x10Currently unavailable.

Berry_Bomb_SSBerry Bomb was create with Bluberry Mother and Bomb #1 father. The Blueberry was chosen for her incredible flavour while the Bomb #1 progeny offers the benefit of increased THC content and incredible growth rates too. The THC content of the Berry Bomb plants is considered medium to high, sometimes reaching as high as 20%. The plant will be ready for harvesting in around 8 weeks or possible less and it will grow to a medium height of 120cm on average. The plant is easier to grow than the original Bomb #1 Type: Indica/Sativa (Indica dominant) Plant height: Medium (90-140cm) Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Flowering: 6-8 Weeks Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct THC: High (15-20%) Yield: High (500-600g/m2) Stoned/High: Classic Indica stone

OG Kush

 OG_Kush_SSThis legendary strain is finally in seed form! Previously clone-only, this fabulous strain can now be yours. The MOST popular strain in the USA, it commands high prices everywhere. An attractive appearance, unforgettable fuel-like odour and incredible taste mean sheíll soon become a firm favourite. Sparse in vegetation stage but full-bodied in flower, youíll find small but dense bud coverage and a good yield. Supercropping during growth stage will help with the yield.

Bag seed from a Grateful Dead show (Chem Dawg) Flowering Indoors: 8-9 weeks Yield: 400-500g/m2


Afghan Kush Special

Afghan_Kush_SSWorld of Seeds Feminised Legend Collection Afghan Kush Special Bank: World of Seeds Bank Sex: Female: Pure Afghan Kush Stabilised male hybrid: POLLEN OBTAINED FROM GENETICALLY MODIFIED PLANTS. Male is obtained from a determined quantity of plants growth with a mitotic inhibitor that gives us polysomic plants. This mutant hybrids has been selected and classified with the best properties in order to obtain a new potential genetic in a new cross Way of cropping: Outdoor/indoor Genotype: 100% Indica Harvest time: 8 weeks indoor/ middle of October outdoor Yield: 400-450 gr/m2 indoor/ 400-550 per plant outdoor Medicinal value: High. THC Level: >20%


AK54_SSAK48 cannabis strains have been gaining popularity steadily since the mid-1990s. Nirvana’s AK48 is one of the strongest early-finishing cannabis strains available anywhere. AK48 Plants produce hard buds with an exceptional and penetrating aroma. Although AK48 is a Cannabis Indica/Sativa hybrid, its effect tends toward the ‘high’ commonly produced by Sativas. Although most cannabis growers will opt for a longer vegetative period to improve taste, under perfect conditions, AK48 may finish in as few as 48 days.White strain: Yes Medical: No Effect: High (cerebral, heady effect) Flowering period: 7 – 9 weeks Average yield: 400 – 500 (g/m2 in SOG) Flavour: sweet / smooth Plant height: Short Plant type: Indoor Indica / Sativa: Hybrid


LSD_SSAn old Skunk variety crossed with Mazar. Called LSD by the Farm crew because of its powerful trippy effect. Developed from ancient genetics long established in the Farm seed bank. LSD is a hardy, disease resistant plant that responds well in all grow conditions. With just a little care and attention, the LSD strain will give the grower high yielding award winning powerful results. The flavor is intense earthy chestnut with a sweet musky smell. The LSD produces a euphoric, almost psychedelic experience. It’s a super-trippy and very powerful stone, a Barney’s Farm special. Type: Indica Dominant Genetics: Skunk #1 x Mazar Yield: Optimum indoor. 600 g/m2 Height: 50-60 cm (indoor) Flowering time: up to 65 days (indoor) Harvest time: Mid September (outdoor) THC: 24% CBD: 1.3%

Vanilla Kush

Vanilla_Kush_SSCannabis Cup Winner 2009. This incredible new Indica-dominant strain is one of the most fragrant, full-flavoured and potent we’ve ever offered. The intense aromas from large, dense colas – heavily flecked with red and gold trichomes – bring to mind wild vanilla and lavender, accented with lemon and orange peel. Once lit, the floral and herbal aromas become more concentrated and the smoke offers sweet, multi-dimensional flavours. The strong, long lasting high allows the mind to shift down a gear as muscle tension eases. Type: Indica Dominant Yield: 600gr/m2 Height: 65cm Flowering Time: 9 weeks Harvest Time: End of September THC: 22% CBD: 1.2%

Seedsman – White Widow





Blue Mystic

BLue_Mystic_SSBlue Mystic is one of the most popular strains of blue you have come to expect FROM Nirvana. This mostly Indica strain with some origins in California, produces heavy buds with a velvet blue hue in the latter stages of bloom under good growing conditions. Blue Mystic has an earthy smooth somewhat fruity berry flavor with good shelf life. Try Blue Mystic it’s our special Nirvana mix. Plant height: Short Plant Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA THC level: High THC Flowering Weeks: 8/9 Yield : 450 Harvest Month: 8/9



Papaya_SSPapaya (Mango) is a fast growing plant, mould and disease resistant, and usually an early maturing plant. Papaya has a sweet, tropical fruity flavour. Papaya is a heavy, greasy indica staying low and dense, very suitable for sea of green gardens. The buzz from our papaya is lethargic, almost narcotic.Plant height: Short Plant Stoned or high?: Stoned INDICA THC level: High THC Flowering Weeks: 8 Yield : 500 Harvest Month: 8/9



Northern Lights

Northern_Light_SSNorthern Lights is highly adapted to indoor growing. Nearly all promising modern indoor strains contain NL genes. High flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production are all characteristics displayed by this wonderful plant. Northern Lights is a most lucrative plant for the indoor grower. The smoke is full bodied yet somewhat neutral in flavour. Plant type: Best suitable for indoor growing. Plant height: Short- Mostly Indica Stoned or high?: Stoned- Indica Body Buzz THC level: Strong 15-20% Flowering Weeks: 7/9 Yield (Sea of Green on one m2) : 350-450 Harvest Month: 9/10 Grow difficulty: Moderate

G13 Haze

G13_Haze_SSCannabis Cup Winner 2006! The G13 legend lives on with this remarkable G13 cross developed from the world famous G13 and our favourite Hawaiian Sativa. Stays short for a mostly sativa plant and has extraordinary density of flower structure with heavy resin production. Ideal for SOG & ScrOG gardens. The effect is cerebral yet powerful with a taste of fruit & spice. Type: Sativa dominant Genetics: G13. Hawaiian Yield: Optimum indoor. 500 gr/m2 Indoor Height: 70 – 80 cm Indoor flowering time: 70 to 80 days Outdoor harvest time: Mid October THC: 20% CBD: 0.7%

Violator Kush

Violator_Kush_SSThis heavy- producing indica- dominant plant grows short with big leaves, thick stems, and bushy growth. Buds are heavy and must be staked for support. The finished plants display extraordinary densities of trichomes. A musty smell & taste. The effect is couch hugging comfort. Grows short with well developed side branches.Orientation: Regular & Feminized Type: Indica Genetics: Malana. Hindu Kush Yield: Optimum indoor. 450 gr/m2 Indoor Height: 45-55 cm Indoor flowering time: 55 to 65 days Outdoor harvest time: End of September THC: 22% CBD: 1.5%

White Rhino

White_Rhino_SSWhite Rhino was the second prize winner of BIO HTCC in 1996. It’s an intensely medicinal plant that can be overpowering for some people. However, if you love an intense and powerful high, White Rhino will most definitely suit your needs! Awards: 2nd prize Bio HTCC 1996. 2nd prize Champions Cup 2005. Genetics: Afghan, Brazilian and South Indian. Effect: Very famous for its medicinal properties, strong sedative effect. Almost narcotic. Flowering indoor: 9 weeks will guarantee rock-hard tops and extra sweet taste with a yield up to 900 gr/sqm. Flowering outdoor: Ready at the beginning of October in the Northern hemisphere and in April in the Southern one. THC: 20.19% CBD: 0.11% CBG: 0.05%


Blackberry_SSBlackberry was created through a cross between a female Black Domino and a male Raspberyy Cough. The smoke it produces is heavy and you will almost certainly experience Sativa like effects.The plant will grow to a medium height and offer a good yield especially in a Sea of Green setup. The flowering period finishes around week 10 and the plant has medical properties thanks to its combination of high and stoned effects.Indica / Sativa: Hybrid Plant type: Indoor Plant height: Medium  Effect: High (head trip) yet stoned (body buzz)  Flavour: Pungent/Fruity  Average yield: 400-500 (g/m2 in SOG)Flowering period:9-11 weeks  White strain: Yes  Medical: Yes

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry_Cough_SS bA very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb. Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience. The plants have long branches, making this beauty a great plant for “sea of green” gardens. It’s a very consistent Purple variety. The quality is in the experience, not so much in the yield, which is average.Flowering period: 9 weeks Harvest time outdoor: 3rd – 4th week of Oct.



Chemdog_1SSChemdog is a cross between a Sour Diesel and an OG Kush. It has a strong narcotic effect and is known to alter perception too. THC content and CBD content are both very high which also makes this a useful medicinal strain although not ideal for the first timer. Flowering will normally finish after 9 weeks and this is very little time for something that come sout with such strength and depth. Awards: 3rd prize HTCC 2000 Genetics: OG Kush, Sour Diesel Effect: narcotic with strong perception alteration Flowering indoor: 9 weeks  Flowering outdoor: Ripe at the end of October (Europe)  Indica/Sativa  THC: 21.51% CBD: 1.50% CBG: 0%


Humboldt_SSFlowers and a sweet sweet aroma with a spicy peppery haze stone.  Tough and incisive; elevating and inspirational, brain warping plant good in closet or home box garden.  Limited series.(Can be grown outdoor & indoor) Flowering time: 7-8 weeks  Indoor yield: Up to 80 gr indoor with 35-45 days of veg  Outdoor yield: Average of 300 gr outdoor or more depend on vegetative time and season, up to 500 gr  Lineage: A plant from Humboldt X CH9 Jack33  Bouquet: Very sweet & haze floral flavor, peppery haze, rich and intense aroma Type: Sativa/Indica


Cheese_SSVery few strains of marijuana hail from the UK, but the exception is the Cheese strain. This line was developed for its fast growth and its good yield and was created by combining a Skunk and an Afghani. Skunk is typically bred into a strain for its yield and generous THC level and Cheese certainly doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Production is good and you should see your plant ready for harvest in around 8 weeks.THC: 18.17% CBD: 0.1% CBG: 0.41%


NYC Diesel

new-york-city-dieselThe NYC Diesel has its roots in the Big Apple. This cannabis tastes and smells like ripe red grapefruits, once you touch the fresh buds you cannot smell the other strains in the room or garden. NYC Diesel will leave you an exotic taste, smell and high.
2nd place: 2001, 2003, 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup, Best Sativa.
o Breeding: Mexican Sativa x Afghani
o 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
o Minimum yield: 25 grams
o Flowering: 10 weeks

Northern Lights

Northern_Lights SSThe genetics of Northern Lights is one of the most confused of all existing cannabis seeds strains because there is no one who can take entire credit for its creation. Northern Lights was developed as an indoor cannabis seed strain in the late 1970s near Seattle in Washington, although the genetics involved in the cross were known to have come from California – the original home of a great many of the most famous cannabis seeds strains. It was initially a stabilised cannabis sativa strain crossed with an Afghani Indica hybrid. Northern Lights travelled to Holland as a clone where it was introduced to the commercial cannabis seed market in 1985 by The Seed Bank.  Because it arrived as a clone it could not be inbred for stability and cannabis seed production, therefore Skunk No 1 and Original Haze were used to produce seeds off it so it could be used as a parent plant.  Northern Lights distinctly show its Afghani Indica genetic background; it is a small plant that produces big highly resinous flowers. Although it was initially developed for indoor growersexcellent results have been produced outside. Northern Lights has a sweet resinous taste and produces a physical comfortable but lazy feeling, known to some as ‘couch lock’. Genetics: Afghani/Skunk No. 1/Haze Variety: Strongly Indica (>80%) Type: F1 Hybrid Harvest Date: Mid – Late September Flowering Period: 6-7 Weeks Characteristics: Early maturing plant producing large flowers.

Pakistan Valley

 Pakistan_Valley_SSAfter a selection process lasting several years, we bring you an indoor, pure origin Indica from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Northern Pakistan. Unmistakable for its robust, well-branched appearance, strong aroma and high potency, this is one of the best indoor strains in the world. Sweet, intoxicating and intense in its effect, its elevated CBD levels makes this the quintessential medicinal strain.  Bank: World of Seeds Bank Way of cropping: Mainly indoor/very good yield outdoor Race: Pure race obtained from Pakistan Kush zone Genotype: 100% Indica Height: Less than 1.5 m indoor/ until 2 meters outdoor Width: Depending on prune. Some branched without prune Growing time: Three weeks Harvest time: 45-55 days indoor/average October outdoor Resistance to mushrooms: Average/depends on the mushroom Resistance to plague: Depends on the plague. Irrigation tolerance: High Yield: 400 gr per m2 indoor/ 400 – 600 gr per plant outdoor Medicinal Value: High (for its high CBD content) Smell: Fruity and sweet Flavour: Fruity and sweet Effects: Very narcotic THC Level: 21.2% measured upon the rest of cannabinoids. 7.9%

Widow Bomb

Widow_Bomb_SSHow do you improve on a classic? We have with Widow Bomb! We crossed a vigorous White Widow father with Bomb #1 and then crossed it back with a White Widow mother. The result was outstanding. Widow Bomb maintains the power White Widow is known for and by crossing it with Bomb #1 we have improved yield, strength and taste.  Widow Bomb produces large diamond white crystalline buds that are both denser and more compact than original White Widow. Huge resin producing glands cover the plant with trichomes which spread right down onto the shade leaves making it look like it has been in the middle of a blizzard. Where White Widow can often be quite wispy, Widow Bomb stays much more compact making it much easier to grow. Widow Bomb has a bigger yield and better taste while maintaining an exceptionally high level of THC (+20%) which will undoubtedly blow you away! Type: Indica/Sativa Mix Plant height: Medium (90-140cm) Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Flowering: 8-10 Weeks Harvest Outdoor: Sep-Oct THC: Very High (20-25%) Yield: High (450-550g/m2) Stoned/High: Strong, all round buzz

Sweet Tooth

Sweet_Tooth_SSMultiple Cannabis Cup winner: 2000, 2001, 2002. This strain, with its extremely sweet and smooth flavours and powerful effects, was an instant hit with discriminating smokers. What makes Sweet Tooth even more exceptional is that it is easy to grow, produces high yields of large, potent colas, sticky with resin, and is mould resistant. Just give the plant some room, as it grows medium to tall with significant strong side branches, and the results will reflect its exotic genetic origins and the rigorous selection process that made this advanced strain possible. Sweet Tooth offers a heady, yet pleasantly relaxing high that lasts. Genetics: Afghani/Nepalese/Hawaiian Type: indica dominant Height: 65-75cm Flowering time: 65-75 Harvest time: early october Yield: 450gr/m2 THC: 22% CBD: 1.1%

Exodus Cheese

Exodus_Cheese_SSThe most popular clone-only strain in the UK is now available in seed form. The growers who like Cheese cannabis seeds will love the Exodus Cheese. 8 weeks flowering time indoors, with a production up to 800 grams per square meter (under 1000 Watt of light per square meter). Outdoors it finishes by end September, and can produce up to 800 grams per plant (with very large plants). It grows with a very branchy attitude, and good lateral development. It can use support for the branches during flowering. The effect is very stoned, effective medicinally against insomnia and pain. It has a very earthy, mossy flavour, with woody notes. Plant advised for growers with some previous grow-experience.THC: 18.43%  CBD: 0.28%  CBG: 0.15%

Jilly Bean

Jilly_Bean_SSUKN Orange Skunk X Romulan X Cindy99Jilly Bean seeds make a plant that is out of this world with its lime green colour and exciting orange hairs. Watch out for further wonders because when it gets cooler it may become deep burgundy or maroon.
If you only top once Jilly Bean will form a neat and short bush with loads of side branches and multiple heads. The stems are big, the top colas enormous and Jilly Bean is easy to grow in any medium especially SOG or ScrOG.
Her taste is a mixture of oranges, tango, sweetcandy, mango, and apple; the plants grow uniform and the high is a mood lifter and euphoric.

BC God Bud

BC_God_Bud_SSBC Good Bud is a cross between God, Hawaiian, and a Purple Skunk strain. This strain is a Cannabis Cup Winner where it was voted the world’s best Indica strain and you will soon realise why even while it is growing and long before you try the finished product. BC God Bud is especially popular with commercial growers because it has a dense bud and produces a lot of crystals. The Indica dominant strain will flower in 9 weeks and has a powerful taste and soothing effects. Type: 75% Indica / 25% Sativa Flowering time: 8-9 weeks Outdoor harvest: Mid-October Characteristics: Soothing powerful taste
High Times Cannabis Cup Winner

Island Sweet Skunk

Island_Sweet_Skunk SSOur strongest smelling strain, powerful high and aroma. Heavy yielding with long buds that may need to be tied up in the last few weeks due to excessive weight. Sativa dominant growth structure with a sweat inducing stone. No vegetation time needed for sea of green growers. Consumer favourite. Californian and Spanish climates have great success outdoors. 2 times it was 1st place winner of BC Harvest Cup! Flowering: Indoor: 65 days – Outdoor: Oct15 – 25 – Genetics: Skunk, Grapefruit Indica, mostly sativa – Structure: Tall, large

Critical Kush

Critical_Kush_SSCritical Kush is an ideal combination that will appeal to many growers and smokers. It combines the famous Critical Mass with an OG Kush to create a unique and powerful, vigorous Critical Kush Indica dominant plant. Flowering will finish after 60 days and you will see an excellent flower to leaf ratio from your medium sized plant. The yield is an impressive 750gr per m2. Type: Indica Genetics: Critical Mass x OG Kush Yield: 750gr x m2 Height: 80-90cm Flowering Time: 55-60 Days Harvest Time: End of September

Blue Venom

G13 Labs Blue Venom: Once you get bitten there is no antidote, Blue Venom is a cup winning Blueberry crossed and another cup winning White Widow to create a potent, compact, great tasting, great yielding Super Indica. This is a must have for any connoisseur or who appreciate quality.


Black Russian

Black_Russian_SSBlack Russian is a variety of powerful medical effects; the cross with Black Domina increases the organoleptic qualities, improving its structure, flavour and aroma. The result is a great aromatic salad that goes from the most desiring tropical fruits to the sweetest candy. Characteristics : Tropical Fruitiness Type : Mostly Indica Genetics : 80% Indica 20% Sativa Outdoor Harvest : Mid Sept THC Level : 20%


Speedy Gonzales

Speedy_Gonzales_SSFor the fan of Diesel, here comes the new cross released with this famous plant, we have stabilised this cross which is the result of NYC Diesel, Shark Attack with Lowryder #2. Incredibly strong smell, and plants are totally covered with cristal glands. Type: Autoflowering Heigh: 50-100 cm Time to harvest: 65-75 days from seed Harvest: 25-45 gr per plant


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