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 Tom’s facts on vegetating marijuana !Marijuana Plants
  1. Introduction !- Starting From Seed or Clone?
  2. Timing Your Lights !
  3. Re-potting For The Last Time !
  4. Temperature for Vegetating !
  5. Humidity for Vegetating !
  6. Timing Your Crop !

Introduction ! Starting From Seed or Clone ?

   From Seed or Clone ! At this point your growing organic marijuana has grown upMarijuana Clone from a seed or a clone. And you have re-potted the little vegetating marijuana plant into a 6″ or larger pot to begin its journey to adulthood. Your plants should be between 4″ and 6″ tall now, which is tall enough to flower a clone .However, a  plant from seed should be a little larger 9 to 12 inches tall. The plants grown from seed will still need to be sexed, unless you grew them from feminized seed. By the time the seed plants are 12 inches tall you will have them sexed. Go to Page : Sexing Marijuana ! Since we’re not ready to flower just yet, you must make sure the vegetating marijuana plant is receiving  adequate light to keep it in the vegetating stage.

   Timing your lights !

To keep your vegetating marijuana in the growing stage and not go into premature flowering, the grow lights should be on no less than 18 hours a day. Many folks like to keep their lights on 24 hours a day when growing organic marijuana. That’s ok too. If you are in a hurry to vegetate your plants go with 24 hours. I however find that organic marijuana grows fast enough under 18 hours of light. I also like the fact that the plants get a chance to rest during the dark period which is a more natural way of growing. Plants do different metabolic functions at night than during the day. I like to give my vegetating marijuana a chance to perform those functions. I also like the fact that it is less expensive running your lights for 18 hours verse 24 hours. I haven’t found any good reasons to grow under 24 hours of light unless you are trying to hurry up the growth of your medical marijuana so you can put them into flower quicker. What grow lights should you use ?

   Re-potting For The Last Time !

When your plants reach 9″ to 12″ tall in a 6″ pot it is time to re-pot them. If you keep a marijuana plant in a small pot to long, the rootscannabis- become crowded very fast, slowing growth. If taken to the extreme it can also  miniaturize the plant, like a bonsai. Fact is you can bonsai a marijuana plant if you want. Re-potting to a 7 gallon pot is the recommended size and used by many indoor growers. I re-pot the vegetating marijuana plant using the organic super-soil mix in the bottom 1/3 of the pot and fill the rest of the pot using the organic base mix. There will be no need to re-pot again as the 7 gallon pot is adequate for the plant’s life.  Within two weeks of repotting from the 6″ pot your vegetating marijuana plant is ready to be trained, trimmed, cut-back, FIMed, or topped for the clone. Or you can let the plant grow naturally. Growing naturally is the fastest method of growing. Any cutting back or even FIMing will slow the plant down for about two weeks. It’s your choice how you want to proceed  vegetating your marijuana plant. Now that growing organic marijuana plant will grow so fast that you want to time your crop. For timing your crop is everything !

Temperature For Vegetating !a thermometer

Preferred Temperature! Growing organic marijuana does best between 70 and 80 degrees. I have found that the temperature is not critical during the vegetating stage, however keeping the temperature below 90 degrees is advisable for optimum growth.

Why below 90? When you grow organic medical marijuana outside it’s above 90 degrees a lot of the time. So whats the deal ? The deal is, metabolism of the growing marijuana will slow way down. In nature, the days warm up slowly, peak, then slowly cools down. Where medical marijuana grows best, daytime temperatures are not above 90 degrees for very long.

  Night time temperature? Because we want to emulate the outdoors, we would also like our organic medical marijuana to have a cooler nighttime temperature. This can happen Flowering Cannabisnaturally if you have proper ventilation, but you might want to cool your space even more to bring out the natural colors that happen in the later stages of flowering. A temperature swing of no more than 20 degrees is preferable. Organic medical marijuana can survive temperatures as low as freezing with little damage for a short time. The perfect temperature for vegetating organic medical marijuana is 70 to 75 degrees.

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Humidity For Vegetating !

Humidity! When growing organic marijuana humidity is best when it is no higher than 75% with good air movement. 45% to 75% humidity is the perfect range, however it is not critical for growing organic Flowering Flavmedical marijuana. If your humidity is out of this range it’s really not a problem if you take a few precautions. Humidity lower than 45% is not a problem for growing marijuana. I have grown organic marijuana in a low humidity environment for a few years now, usually around 30% and have not had any problems.  High humidity will need fresh air and a lot of air movement. ( oscillating fans work well) This is important to prevent fungus and powdery mildew from growing on your organic medical marijuana. Just because your climate is dry  with low humidity does not mean your plants are not susceptible to powdery mildew. All growing spaces need good air movement and ventilation.

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  Timing Your Crop !

Timing is Everything ! What do I mean timing is everything ? Because you have total control of your lighting ,you have total control of your plants sun so to speak. You decide when the sun rises and when the sun sets. You accomplish this by when you turn your lights on and off. Timing is crucial no matter how many medical marijuana plants you are growing. Now I’m not talking the timing of the lights. I’m talking, timing your crop. How long should you be vegetating marijuana? Because you are growing indoors you will have height restrictions. Ceilings are only so high and you have to leave room for the lights. The real question is not : How long should I grow in the vegetating stage? The question really is : How tall should my plants be before I begin flowering them ?

  How Tall ? So how tall should my vegetating marijuana plants be before flowering them? That’s the millionVegetating medical marijuana dollar question and something you will have to find out by experimenting. What do I mean by that? When plants go into flower they stretch ( grow at an alarming rate) during their first two to three weeks into flower. You have to figure out how much they are going to stretch so you have enough head height to flower your vegetating marijuana. I have always been amazed at how much marijuana stretches during this time. The hard part of this is, all varieties of marijuana will stretch a different amount. I have measured many plants immediately before going into flower and then again after flowering. As the result of my investigation I have discovered that sativas stretch approximately 18 to 24 inches during this time and indicas stretch approximately 6 to 12 inches during this time. It is crucial that you consider this when vegetating marijuana. If your marijuana is too tall going into flower they will stretch and grow into your lights, most likely burning your medical marijuana.

An example !  I have an 9 foot ceiling. My lights hang down a foot from the ceiling and I Organic Medical Marijuana need to keep my growing organic marijuana plants at least two feet from the lights so they will not burn. With the 9 foot ceiling I have to subtract one foot for the light and two feet for the cooling space. This means my finished plant height better be no more than 6 feet tall. If I’m growing a sativa medical marijuana plant I have to subtract another 11/2 to 2 feet to make up for the stretch or growth during flowering. This means that my sativa vegetating marijuana plants should only be 4 to 41/2 feet tall when I put them into flower. Because indicas do not stretch as much they can go into flower at 5 to 51/2 feet tall. If I do it this way, all of my medical marijuana plants will finish at the same height. No matter how high my ceilings are. I do prefer that my marijuana plants finish out no taller or just a little taller than myself. I’m 5′ 9″ tall so 6′ is a good height. This is so I can see the tops of my plants easily, keeping an eye out for any problems that might arise.

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