Where To Grow Marijuana ?

      Toms’s Facts on where to grow marijuana !     

   Inside or Outside ?

Where to grow marijuana is the question.  Will you be growing indoors or outdoors?  If you are growing organic marijuana outside the sun is free, the ventilation is free, and if your planting in the ground the soil is free also.Outside Grow Depending on where you live the water may also be free. But wait, there are more free things if you are growing organic marijuana outside. Damaging winds are free, damaging insects are free, the hail that beats your plants into the ground are free, and the thieves that come in the middle of the night will steal your free weed one week before you were going to harvest it are free, too.

Growing organic marijuana inside can cost a lot more money but the results are Cannabis under T-5 Lightspredictable and dependable. Nothing can beat the sun!  I don’t care what type of lighting you use, or how many lights you use, nothing will be as good as the sun. Having said that, the absolutely best place to grow would be a greenhouse with a retractable roof (to let pure sun in), supplemental lighting ( to grow year around) and a retractable shade cloth. ( this is so you can keep a perpetual grow and never be out of your medicine) For most folks a greenhouse like the one described isn’t practical or affordable, but growing organic marijuana in a garage or a basement or a room in a house is.

A small greenhouse in your yard, could be affordable and could be perfect for a summer crop of growing organic marijuana. With a greenhouse you can grow two crops a yeargreenhouse following the sun. However to do two crops of organic marijuana will require heating the greenhouse in the winter. Growing organic marijuana in a greenhouse in the summer has its own problems. The big problem here is the heat. Greenhouses can get very hot and need a lot of ventilation and no matter how much ventilation you have, you will need another method of cooling on the hot days of summer. Keep in mind that growing organic marijuana outside in a greenhouse is a security risk.

My choice for growing organic marijuana is inside my house. Security is minimal there and more under your control. Growing organic marijuana inside your house is more convenient and easier to keep track of. Growing outdoors is the same as indoors except your grow room is already set up. I should clarify that statement: Growing organic  marijuana is the same inside as outside unless you are planting directly into the ground. Growing organic marijuana in a container is the same. Indoors is where to grow marijuana! Go to Page : Growing Marijuana Indoors !

Author : Tom D.

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2 thoughts on “Where To Grow Marijuana ?

  1. hey tom, i just moved to the springs, the house we are in has room to grow but it would be tight. the yard is available and we have seen and heard so many things i wanted an opinion on my options from someone who was also in the springs. i want to use soil. i wondered if a tent would be too hard to keep cool in the summer, and if a greenhouse would be too hard to keep warm in the winter. we want to just build two tents like an indoor grow, but outside. thanks for the info, this is a great site.

  2. Howdy Garrett.

    For security reasons I would always pick inside the house to grow. With that being said if you are not worried about security then outside is just fine. Using a tent in the summer would get hot but with proper ventilation and an air conditioner it can be done. A tent will also need heat in the winter when the lights are off. A greenhouse also needs cooling in the summer besides heat in the winter. To do a winter grow in a greenhouse you will need to supplement the sun with lights, but you will need a heater when the lights are off. It’s not hard to keep warm but is expensive. You will need to decide if it is practical or not and worth the expense. A bright greenhouse at night is a beacon to outsiders. Even in Colorado Springs security is the top priority needed. I would set up my grow inside and then try some plants outside in a secure area in the summer with no tent and no greenhouse but with a hail cover. Colorado Springs is famous for summer hail that devastates crops. I hope this helps. Tom D.

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